May 9, 2008

I'm Home & Well Rested

I am officially home, but still on "vacation" time. I am relaxed, and although I had a migraine yesterday, I just can't get back into "cleaning, caring, doing" mode. Am I complaining? Absolutely not. I like being relaxed and surprisingly so seeing how I have to be at my daughter's school for field day in less then an hour. Need more coffee!

It was so nice to be in Edisto. I just love it there and just feel renewed after a trip there. I have a spiritual connection to the place. Not surprising after visiting there 19 years ago after I almost died. I still remember walking down the beach in a very weak manner, but the fact that I had heart surgery two weeks prior did not phase me a bit. I was too happy to be alive and out of the hospital after a month long stay.

On my last morning there, my dad made me some breakfast. I love daddy eggs, which is what I call them. The whites are firm and the yellow is soft and my dad does an amazing job with this. My parents always have the best bread as well. Naturally it is extra yummy when someone else cooks it for you.

Fresh eggs, toast and a good ole cup of coffee. I sat on the back porch and enjoyed the sun coming up and the morning air. I love this porch. My husband and I used to drag our mattress out when we were younger and sleep out here.

Here is the view in the other direction. We always go early in May so that we miss the small crowds. When my husband and I first came, we were only about 20 years old. I remember thinking, "How dull, there is no one here, no bars, nothing to do". I was so wrong! It was a magical place because it was just us and no one else.

I love being so close to the water. Just a walk out and there you are. There have been some scary times, especially years ago when Hurricane Hugo came. I was so scared that this place would be wiped out, but we were spared. The beach has changed so many times over the years. Used to walk down a hill to get to the beach, and now it is right there. One year they came in and redid the whole beach, sucked in sand from way out to build the beach up. There was a time when the water was so close to the house.

This is also a wonderful location where sea turtles come in to lay their eggs. There are helicopters that go up and down the beach looking for their trails. One year, I was jogging at night and saw a big rock. I didn't know how on earth someone dragged a big rock up the beach. Oddly, the rock had moved on my jog back and I suddenly realized what it was. I was in awe, I was blessed, I was so fortunate to see a sea turtle right there in front of me. At the time, I didn't know I shouldn't go up to it, but I did. I got right down on my hands and knees and crawled with it towards the water. It started to rain, and I didn't care. It was an amazing moment that I will treasure forever.

Okay, this photo was supposed to be turned the other way and I don't want to start all over just to change this pic. The point is that I mention in this journal that one day my oldest can write on the pages about our trip. All of the books are there, even the first one from 19 years ago. My life has changed in so many amazing ways since that first trip.

A tear came to my eye when I realized my daughter could do our entry this year. She was so proud of herself, as I always am. Maybe one day she will bring her children here, my grandchildren. What a weird thought, but seems like you blink your eyes and it is where you are.

So, many blogs to check, friends to catch up with, swaps to do, sales to package up, oh my, oh my. Loved my trip, but so nice to be back too, to my wonderful life. Hope all of yours are doing as well. Have a great weekend!



Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Welcome back...
I love seeing the beach photos. We go to Outer Banks, NC in 7 weeks. Yippy! It is already hot as heck here in La., and HUMID! Not fun, to soon for this.
I will be sending an email soon, with some swap questions, I need to get busy on that.
Hope your head ache is better!

Linda said...

Loved your story and the pictures. We are going to Hilton Head June 1!!!!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hey R...
i`ve never stopped anywhere as near to the beach as you have !
It`s looks so beauitful there !
Glad you got back fine and relaxed some , but you`ll have to get in mommy mode again !
Hope the migraines gone and i`m off to the PO soon to collect my package ! Woo Hoo !

love Ya

Sherry/Cherie said...

I know the feeling of getting back into the swing from a vacation -- I've been home since Monday night (I keep thinking it was Sunday when it was Monday)...and I'm still re-acclimatizing! Glad you had a good vacation! I love South Carolina!