April 25, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

This is my first week participating in Kelli's Show & Tell Friday. What a wonderful idea! I recently took some pictures of some of my favorite family treasures to do posts about. I hope you like this weeks "featured" item.

Grand-ma Betty's Beautiful Shoes

I grew up looking at these beautiful shoes when my Granda-Ma Betty would bring them out to show me and would share her wonderful stories, that I miss so much, with me. When she was a young she would always wear her beautiful, detailed dresses, loved her furs (sorry, I don't support the fur industry, it was just something from that time period) and always wore heels.

I recently inherited these beauties. I always dreamed of wearing them as a little girl. So much beautiful detail to these tiny works of art, that my size 9's could, unfortunately, never fit in. They are so velvety and the carved heel is just so, I can't think of a better word, sexy.

I couldn't believe it when my Mom passed these down to me. I would love to find a way to display them and welcome any suggestions you might have.

Imagine the stories these shoes could tell about their days walking around Niagara Falls.

And look at all of these beautiful fleur de leas all over the box. Those of you who know me KNOW I would love that. I wonder if this box from my childhood has anything to do with my love of fleur de leas? I have had that love longer then my Eiffel tower obsession.

So, here is to my Grand-Ma Betty who made me the woman I am today, that I love and miss so very much!



Hootin' Anni said...

Welcome to Show n Tell!!!

Now hold on...........do you KNOW how much I love shoes? [of course not!] But, boy howdy would I LOVE this pair of heels. Hang on to them...they're treasures.

GranthamLynn said...

Wow those shoes are amazing. I can imagine myself that era and walking around in them and the beautiful clothes they wore. What a treasure to have. I can't wait to see how you display them.
Have a Blessed day! Sherry

Kathy said...

Beautiful red shoes!

on the ROCKS said...

OOOOOhhhh I love those shoes. They definitely should be on display. Maybe on display with a vintage purse and a postcard or some ticket from Niagara Falls and a fleur de lea protected under an acrylic box or glass dome. The shoes are beautiful but the fact that your Granda Ma Betty told you stories about the shoes....

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shoes! Thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed your show and tell very much.

This is my first show and tell too. :)


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Hi! I found your blog via The Classy Rabbit. LOVE THE SHOES!!!!! WOW.

I can just picture them in a pretty painted vintage curio with some other things that she may have had or even things of that era. Lovely!

Lori Stilger said...

Those are GORGEOUS shoes, Rhonda. They're VERY precious treasures - I don't think I've EVER seen anything quite like that. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Kathy said...

The shoes are incredible and yes, sexy. You grandmother must have been a beauty traveling around in those babies. I would display them in a glass terrarium or curio, either, but with a mirrored bottom to see all details. They have to be on display, girl!
Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Abbie said...

OMG! those heels are fantastic!! What a treasure!! they might pay your daughters tuition in a few years... you never know! :) Thank you for sharing, although perhaps one of your dears will tootsies tiny enough to fit! (atleast for a few days!)

nancy said...

Thanks for sharing. How I wish I had some of my mother's things from the 40's. You are blessed.

The Apron Queen said...

It always amazes me at how dressed up women used to get every day! Gorgeous shoes!

Did you know roosters are good luck? Wonder why? Stop by for the answer.

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

Constance said...

Welcome to S&T! I LOVE those shoes! Hobby Lobby sells acrylic boxes to display memorabilia, antiques and such. Maybe you could use some black velvet and scrunch it up and somehow make a nice little display out of it. Have you got a picture of her wearing the shoes. If it's a B&W, have the shoes tinted to the red so that they alone, stand out!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

I love heels, those are so beautiful-I want some. This is the first time I've posted on your blog and I loved my visit. You have some darlin' things.

Hugs, RoseMarie


Awesome shoes! Are the heels made
of wood and carved? Or some other
material? I would love to see the
vintage outfit she wore with these!

Kelli said...

Welcome to show and tell Friday! What gorgeous shoes and I'm so glad that they were passed down to you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Carolyn said...

Hey R ...

If those shoes could talk , it would be fantastic ! all the places they have been with your grandma ! They`re a gorgeous colour , and a shame just to keep them in the box - although i do love the box itself !
maybe a clear dome as suggested , to keep the dust off !
And i`m so glad she passed them onto you , as you`ll keep and treasure them !

Hope Sandee is doing well !



LaVerne said...

Rhonda, just visiting your blog and admiring your grandmother's beautiful shoes when I got to the last picture-the box! Oh my gosh! a flood of memories swept in...my mother had a pair of Jacqueline shoes when I was a kid...hers were also red...sexy sling backs with pencil thin spike heels and a jeweled clip in the front. I remember taking them out of the tissue and trying them on.I loved her shoes, but I thought the red ones were the most beautiful shoes in the world...thanks for shaking loose that wonderful memory. I will always remember her shoe size...7AA with a AAAA heel...can you even get sizes like that anymore? Thanks again for sharing. LaVerne in Texas

Unknown said...

Rhonda, those shoes are amazing!! I wonder if there is anyway to make them fit..I sent your package out, so you should be getting it any day.. it's snaaaaiiiiilll mail of course...let me know when it gets there! Jen R