April 28, 2008

Book Swap Participant Update & Other Info (as posted on flickr)

Hello to all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Just a little update on our group.

-one drop out, and a possible replacement
-one other possible drop out

I have sent out a participant email with my snail mail address. If you did not get this please email me Rlsecrist@aol.com. I had a couple of email addresses that did the ole "return".

Rememember, you still have over a month to do this project. I will send out reminders closer to the due date (3 week countdown, 2 week, 1 week) and will post info as I receive your pages. I know it is still early, but you can send them to me whenever you are ready. I have an area cleared and I have noticed that some of you are already completing them. Awesome!

1. Rhonda - RhondaMum
2. Kathy - Vintage Snaps & Scraps
3. Marilyn - Unshelved Words
4. Abbie - damseldesignsnh
5. Jo - 3littlemiracles
6. Carolyn - Miss Magpie-Pixie
7. Sherry/Cherie - Esprit * d'Art

8. (Possible replacement)

9. Priscilla - Flea Market Queen
10. Celeste - Stone Soup Art
11. Emily - remembermeemily
12. Nancy - Nancy Gail
13. Christine - chrisysArtnphoto
14. Elaine - Artful-Spirit

15. Denise - courturedepapier (unknown)

16. Tina - Embellishments by Tina
17. Maria - The Junkk Drawer
18. Shannon - Miss Fickle Media
19. Christine - mybellacolle
20. Natalea - kandeland
21. Beth - beth's bagz'a
22. Stephanie - mlouispink
23. Ginger - mural-artworx
24. Bridget - Bridieshome

Tangee - asparklymessylife (had to drop out) We'll Miss You!

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Sherry/Cherie said...

I'd better get my butt in gear if I'm going to be away for part of May!!! ;)