February 29, 2008

My Love of British Robins

If you read my last post, you know I am a big bird watcher. Not as much now as I used to be, with my girls in tow, but when we are somewhere new everyone does take time to let Mama get some new ones for her life list. I know one day they will want to join along as well. You should have seen them when we were in Japan, pointing to birds to see if I had seen it yet.
When I lived in Wales, I would go about constantly with my bird book in my backpack pack and some binoculars to see. If I was on the train I had to keep my eyes peeled so that I could capture that new bird for my list.
My friends were very understanding of this, although they did kid me about it sometimes. I mean, I was only in my twenties and I don't think it is a common "sport" for people that age.
One day, my friend Gavin and I were walking along the canal in Llangollen. A beautiful little spot in Wales. I mean seriously, the beauty there is so different and hypnotizing. I can't wait to visit again one day. It was the perfect time of day for bird watching, late afternoon, all of the blue tits and others jumping about for their dinner. I noticed a little bird that flew into a tall bush. I popped my head in, and instead of the little bird hopping away from me, it hopped towards me. It was a a tiny British Robin, nothing at all like the stuck up ones here in the states. This one was so sweet but stood it's ground as well. It just looked at me and hopped about like I wasn't even there. I fell in love instantly!
So naturally, I love images of British Robins and during the past couple of years have started a search for just that. It really wouldn't be nice for me to capture one and bring it home, so images are what I really need to "catch". There is a whole series of pottery in the UK by an artist that paints all of these British birds. I must acquire some of it, if I could only find some that didn't cost a small fortune.

This is an old cigarette trading card that I won on ebay last year. Yes, you heard me right, a cigarette trading card. I didn't even know they existed and come to find out they have all sorts of these, sports, various people and animals, etc. etc.
The kind person that I won it from included the stamp as well. I was so excited. The artificial bird is one that I just recently won on ebay. I didn't' care what I had to pay, I HAD to have this little guy. Luckily I didn't have to go on a huge bidding war.

These are some beautiful die cuts that I just acquired from a website and I just went through every sheet they had and clicked "add to cart" when I saw one of my little friends.

I also have a collection within the madness of files of images on my computer. There are lots of web sites that have free images, and some people have taken some amazing pics and posted them for those of us who live in the states and can't take their own.

A Vintage Card

One purchased from a collage sheet.

Another Ebay Find

Purchased Collage Sheet

Purchased Collage CD

I actually found this one here in my own city in Tennessee. I couldn't believe it and let out the loudest gasp. I almost gave the owner a heart attack.

Above is one of the many that my amazing friend Carolyn sent me. And that isn't what makes her amazing, it is just one of the many thoughtful things she has done for me. She has a beautiful heart. She lives in England and I really hope to meet in person one day.

At the time, when she sent me this wonderful card, she didn't know how obsessed I was with these little cuties. Imagine the smile on my face when I opened this up.

Recently, Carolyn sent me this REAL picture taken of the Arc de Triumph. You just have to zoom in on it and take a look at the cars that are driving around the round about, that my father and I almost got killed on while visiting. WARNING - Please use the underground pathway to the Arc, DO NOT try to cross the street. Results could be fatal!

I love this picture so much, and I am so thankful that she actually gave it to me. I mean, how sweet is that! And to make it even better she included this playing card that she had with my little buddy on it. I was literally in tears with joy. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAROLYN! YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!

So, most know, I am obsessed with Paris as well. This is a real photo postcard that I just won on ebay. I just love how you can see the Arc de Triumph in the background with all of the roads leading to it. Fabulous shot!

A wonderful altered image by the great Carolyn!

She sent me both of these as well (above card and below image).

Guess Who?

Tell me the above shot couldn't be published in a book. Carolyn is an amazing photographer. You should check out her work on her blog http://magpie-pixie.blogspot.com/. She has an eye for capturing an image so beautifully. Above is a picture that she took while having a weekend away. I was so happy when she sent this image to me of their daily visitor.

I have never posted a picture of myself on my blog. But this is just too funny. Carolyn had sent me this picture and I somehow managed to paste a picture of my head near it and "painted" in my body on my computer. I think it looks hilarious so I hope that you enjoy a giggle from this. And for many of you, now you know what I look like. Well, my face and hair. Uh, that's not my real body, LOL!

So, if your in Great Britain, and you see my friend the robin, please blow it a kiss for me and say hello. Hope you enjoyed my collection!

Have a great weekend and may you and yours have good health! The flu and all sorts of other yuck is still going on here. My oldest is sick again and lots of schools are still closed this week.

P.S. Does anyone know why I suddenly can't get any of my post to space in between paragraphs? It is really driving me crazy & any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Carolyn said...

I have a big grin on my face R...
Maybe if you find a big enough Robin , you can fly over and visit me ? ;o)
And i miss my little visitor , i wanted to take him home with me !

Hope the girls get better soon !

Chat to ya later !


Carolyn said...

I just posted early -
there`s something for you on my blog dear friend ;o)