February 28, 2008

A Little Snow Can Be So Magical

For many of you, like my friend Abbie, the snow we had yesterday would be a welcomed event. Yes, snow, a welcomed event for some of you that are practically trapped in your home because the snow is so deep. I couldn't imagine!
Right as I was taking my oldest to school yesterday, the snow began. This is a sight that we don't really see in my neck of the woods. We used to get a good snow yearly, but that seemed to end a year or so after we had the blizzard of "93". This event, for many of you, would be nothing at all to deal with. But for the folks here, we were all trapped. We aren't used to huge amounts of snow. I was stuck in my house for days, all alone, but thankfully had electricity, food, and water. It was that event that really turned me into a huge bird watcher. I was fascinated by the variety of birds at my feeders and have held onto that ever since. I couldn't even tell you how many I have on my "life list" at this point, from all around the world.
Any who, if a flurry of snow even falls, my girls are fascinated. They are suddenly swept away to a magical land full of excitement. "Mommy, it's snowing, it's snowing! Wake up, look at the snow!" I love the feel of the air as it begins to snow and the way the sunlight looks so different filtering through the clouds.
It was so cold, I could not open my car doors because they were frozen shut. I had to open the back of my van and crawl to the front. Just a crazy start to my day when my husband is gone on a business trip. Oddly, he is in Montana and it is warmer there then here in Tennessee. In fact, it just now reached 30 degrees.
I thought of Abbie as I took these pictures because I know it will give her a good laugh. That poor girl has was too much snow.
Here I go, down the road on our snowy adventure....

The girls stared out the window in awe of the white beauty falling from the sky...

The roads actually started to freeze up a bit. I probably shouldn't have had my camera in hand, but believe it or not I did have both hands on the steering wheel. I know Abbie, this is NOTHING compared to what you get. Can you believe this starts an excited panic here?

View out of my rolled up window. I love the back roads that I take to get to the school. I suddenly feel like I live out in the country. That's how it is here. One minute your stuck in traffic on the interstate, take an exit, drive down a couple of roads and here you are.

I stare at this house every time I go past it. I would love to have an old home on some land. That is my dream, down the road, when the girls are in college.

Is this not the cutest, little buggy boots in the snow with pjs. My youngest was still in her pajamas when we left, actually, so was I. I usually sleep in sweats when I know I am doing the morning commute because I can just pop on a coat and no one even sees me. Raise of hands, you know you have done that too.

Yippee! Look at the snow! I'm gonna throw some at mommy! I know Abbie, it's only a dusting and something you would probably really like to see. Sherry probably would too being the Canadian that she is. Lot's of snow in her area too!

Um, how many pictures have I posted now of the trees in my backyard? I just love them though, except for when they fall on our car. Watching the snow drift down and the feeling of the air as I watch it fall, guess it is magical to me as well.

Coco's first steps in the snow. He really didn't know what to think, especially when it really started to come down.

It's cool when it falls all over the trampoline and you can jump on it. Just watch out cause it can get a little slippery!

The blue sky always follows though. It was gone almost as soon as it came. It wasn't the snow I wanted for my girls, just the one of the year to play, make snow angels, ride a sled, but it was still magical for them. I know they will always hold the memory of the snowy morning, the way the snow felt as it fell on their face and the way they could pick it up and toss it. And as usual, I captured the entire moment on film, well, a digital camera but you get the point.

I hope that you enjoyed my snowy adventure and I also hope that the weather today, for you, is exactly the way you want it! Enjoy the moment and your day!


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Really nice photographs Rhonda -- but it's making me cold and it's already minus 17 celsius here which is like being in a deep freeze!! The sun is out but it's not touching the temp!!

Did I mention on another post that I left something for you today at Esprit? I can't remember (brain is frozen!!)...anyway..I did!!

Tara said...


I'll even do the morning drop in PJS and am always afraid that is when the car will choose to break down!



Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!

Oh, the excitement of the first few snowstorms is just as great here! We love snow too, just I think we are about ready to drown in it. :) Tonight we are suppose to get 8 more inches. ???? Our 5 foot apple trees are just about gone, tonight's snow will bury them completely.

I think it is so funny that you mentioned taking your oldest to school in your PJ's. I do that exact same thing!! :) I rarely get up early enough to shower before everyone has to head out, so I truck along in my PJ's, coat, hat and boots. God forbid I should ever get pulled over or breakdown!
Glad to know someone else does it too!
Have a fabulous day!

Carolyn said...

Makes me miss having some snow here , and my dog used to go crazy on it - guess she didn`t like geting her feet wet !