November 16, 2007

Why do you want that old door???

This is what my husband asked me, as well as his best friend, as I was moving in with him years ago. I LOVE my old door and the wonderful crackled lead free paint that is layered all over it.

In my single days, I had my door propped up behind my old iron bed. I love the doorknob on it. I found this wonderful old door on an old back building of a home that is no longer there. Unfortunaltly, like many of those old treasures, it was torn down to build condos. However, I saw that old collapsing back building many times. One day, my father and I went and asked the owner if we could have some of the boards (I love to paint signs on them). The owner said it was fine. Little did I know of the other treasures (that my husband still does not understand) I would find, like the many old window panes, an old table with fold out leaves, and this beautiful old door that I must have been close to in a past life. He let me take, not buy, take them all. He was so nice, and I was so happy.

So, I have used the panes for various creations, like the "bulliten board" in my "studio" and one in my daughter's play room. The old table, that used to house a favorite lamp and my collection of pegged wood boxes, is currently sitting in my garage with one broken leg. But my husband has promised to fix it, one of these days. And when he does, it will be perfect because once he puts his mind to it, his work is amazing. And many boards have been painted with such words as bakery, Paris, Bath House, and Oysters. I plan on painting an Eiffel Tower on one, surprise surprise.

Now, back to the door. We started out with a round, glass top table. Not good with small children. Made me nervous as hell and sure enough it fell off one day and shattered. Luckily no one was hurt. Next, my husband used the same base and built a new square top. He did a great job, but both of my daughters like to lean on it, and it wanted to fall over.

So, know how you finally get into "determined wife mode" when your husband knows you mean business and pulls in his tale so that you don't rip his head off? Well, that is what happened. I put the table in the garage and decided I was getting a new one.

Light Bulb - I love it when that thing goes off in my head. Years ago, I ate at a restaurant that had old doors as tables. They were covered with glass, and old photos and various ephemera was displayed here and there. Loved it! My wonderful husband has agreed that my old door, that he never understood, can be made into my new kitchen table. I am so excited! I have actually scrapped off the wonderful paint, not all, but most, and being the genious that I am, I even told my husband that we, he, could just use the old post from our old playground, for legs. They can be banged on like crazy and distressed (many crafters dream). Now what husband wouldn't be happy about an almost free table to please their wife to shut them up for a bit? We were going to put glass on it, but with the girls, I think some clear plexiglass or whatever, will do. They can do all of their projects on it, and I can display my "stuff" and their work under the glass, and all is good.

Even better, I have two chairs I purchased years ago that have an alligator print to them (carved wood) and my husband inherited his father's old church pew which will be perfect along one side. Especially with my leaning girls.

So, stay tuned to see how it looks when it is done. If you have any ideas or experience with this kind of thing, please comment. Even if you just enjoy my post, please comment, just so I know that I am not talking to myself. Thanks!

I am hoping, and nagging, that he will get it done this weekend. Wish me luck!


wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Don't worry, somebody way out here in Southern California hears ya! I must be crazy too. I have a chippy-pink-paint-old-door-with-a-cool-antique-knob down in the basement. At least you've done something with yours.

Lana said...

Oh how beautiful! I have an old chippy door from my mom and dad's home. we turned it horizontally, attached it to the wall, and it is now a lovely headboard for our bed.
I think a table would be gorgeous, too!