November 13, 2007

Idea for using antique shutters .....

I loved these shutters so much when I found them. They came from an old house in New York. Before I married, had my finds displayed everywhere. A friend told me once that my house was like a museum, something new to look at each time she came. Yes, I have lots of stuff, I love my finds AND my clutter. My husband has grown somewhat accustomed to it, or just accepts it. I had these shutters put away for a while, but then I decided that I needed my stuff and that everyone in the household would just have to deal.

"If Mama isn't happy, no one is happy".

One day, that light bulb came on and I decided to hang them in our half bath. My husband, as usual, did an amazing job taking care of me and hanging these huge things up. I loved it! They brought height to the room and made if feel warmer.New light bulb... I LOVE old photos and postcards and have quite a collection. I took some of my favorites, of course the Eiffel Tower was in there as well, and tucked them into the shutters. Too cool, pat myself on the back.

You can get creative and tuck all sorts of neat stuff into them. For Halloween, I tucked some Halloween decorated hang tags into the slats, and plan to gussy them up for The Christmas Holiday as well. The tags were great because they were scented with cinnamon and spice and made the bathroom smell so yummy.

Hope you enjoy this idea. Remember to always look at those things you love and how they can be used in a different way.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts or ideas so be sure to leave your comments!

Stay tuned to see what I am going to do with my vintage door from an old house that is covered in cracked paint.....

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