November 19, 2007

Great Finds of The Day

Please excuse the scattered pictures.
I am still figuring out how to blog...

Today I picked my five year old up from school and asked her, "So what do you want to do baby?" She excitedly said, "I want to go to the antique store!"

Does anyone know anything about this old hat box. It is huge! Looks like Abe Lincoln's hat could fit in this thing!

Last week, for the first time, I took her with me to one of my favorite spots (actually it is a spot my Mom and I visit). She was so good and really enjoyed herself. Today, I told her that we could go to another favorite spot of Grandma's and Mama's. She couldn't wait.

Now this place is on the second story of a very old building in an older rt of town. Lots of people bring their items there and have little areas "boothed" off. There can be some great finds, and there is also some crazy junk. I love it though, especially when someone has a sale at their "'booth" like today.

Now, my daughter wants to go one way, and I the other. "There is a certain route that Grandma and I take and you need to follow that route". We went from spot to spot, and she was surprisingly good. We found some great glass containers and she was just amazed at all of the "stuff". When we were in one "booth" she would eventually say, "Mama, can we go now?" But she didn't want to go home, she was just ready to go to the next "booth". I have to give her some credit though. I can take a long time, because one must look through the "stuff" to find the treasure. And I found some great ones.

About 3/4of the way through, she did start to get restless but I can't blame her. She did find a treasure for herself (A UT football pencil and pad holder, the pencil goes in a hole on the football.) "I love Tennessee football games Mommy". Whatever - she just LOVES paper and pencils and pens and such (just like her Mama).

So, onto the goods. You will find pics below and above, I am still figuring this blog thing out and can't get the pic to go where I want it....

Okay, now, this old croquet set (above) is too cute. And then, I saw a price tag of $6.00, and that booth had a sign for 50% off. Too cool, but not with two small girls who want to play with it on my tile floors. I finally yelled, "I didn't buy that to play with, I got it so that it can sit in the corner and look cute and gather dust". Ha ha ha!

If anyone knows anything about this huge hat box (above), please let me know. It too was on sale, 60% off and it was just too cool to pass up, regardless of the hat it once contained.

Awesome find for the crafter, an old set of number stamps (above). If you look at the pic of the stamp side, you will see a swirly cool number. Just neat to look at, might use them but not intention in purchase.
R UR IIIIs Bugging U Yet? So Sorry!

This old box of wooden matches (below) I just loved, and even more so at 50% off.

I knew that I would kick myself if I didn't get this bird wall pocket (is that really what they are called) thing a ma bob. I want some old vintage shimmering tiny shabby chic-ish flowers for it. Love the shabby chic items, would love to have that off white furniture and pretty feminine colored items all around with robin's egg blue walls, but I just have too many things I love, too eclectic, therefore I just have all types of stuff all over, and my husband has adjusted well. He's the best.

Okay, gotta have the glass containers. Some are old, some might not be, but they were all unique and I really liked them. Just got my German glass glitter from and I can't wait to put it in my new containers. This stuff is just so beautiful, and she packs it all so wonderfully that I just want to look at it. She has hypnotic Myca flakes as well. Just love it!

Do I even have to explain the colored glass containers?

I have several old wooden drawers, thus it adds to the collection, and I also have a plan in my head for this ugly, dirty type tray that was 60% off.
Now, even though this old shutter isn't as old and historic and as big and marvelous as my pair hung in my bathroom (see blog "ideas for old shutters"), it is still a shutter that some love and paint and sandpaper can make into a treasure to display all sorts of neat stuff....

Like the stock/share sheets that I found (okay, I wouldn't really put those in my shutter) but they sure are neat. I am a big fan of old papers of all kinds and even if these are only from the 40s, they are still way cool in my book.

So, now to post my pics. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get it worked out. I hope that you have enjoyed my fun day of finds...

Best part though, was the bonding that I had with my daughter. I always need that "me time" away from all of my many responsibilities, but I really enjoyed my adventure much more with her in tow. I told her that I want us to always hang out just like my mother and I do. She said, "Aaaahhhh".

Thanks for reading and I sure do like comments.... hint hint hint

Go Big Orange! Shared the day and the blog with my daughter. Her little sister is already fighting her for it. If you are not a Big Orange Fan - doesn't offend me one bit!

Bird Wall Pocket

Pretty jars for all of my pretties..


Abbie said...

Hi rhonda!
What fabulous treasures! I love the number stamps. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
:) Abbie

Rhondamum said...

Hey Abbie!

Thanks for your comment and for all of your inspiration as well. You have a great Thanksgiving too!


Carolyn said...

Hi there ! nice to meet you !
No there`s nothing else you need to do , just the comment you put on there is enough ! To say you`d like to take part .
This is my first swap , so i`m pretty new to it as well ! i`ll post more details when i pick the swap partners for you all , and i hope to get just a few more doing it !
many thanks for taking part !!

Carolyn said...

Sorry , me again !
if you want some tips / advice , look on my profile page , and my email is on there , if you want to do so .i`ll gladly help out !