February 19, 2020

A Gift For Natasha

I am a sucker for rich, deep colors and vintage, embellished fabrics. I have found that it is easy to find pieces of Indian Sari fabrics on line, that are not expensive at all. At times, you do have to wait for the lengthy shipment from abroad, but it is so worth it.

Using a combination of vintage jeweled bits and new yet classic Dresden pieces, I created this heart shadow box that looks like it once belonged to a wealthy Queen from long ago. Maybe even the woman in the heart. I will call her Natasha. A token, from her lover, full of precious stones.

These gorgeous wings intimidated me at first. I was being too obsessive about every part of the design showing and wanting them to have lots of texture.  I added just a little color with acrylic paint and the dab of an ink pad. Some vintage trim worked perfectly for the top of the wing, and then I used a stencil and added a bit of coarse molding paste. After drying the paste carefully with a heat gun, I ran a gold ink pad over the raised texture and was very satisfied with the results. 

Here is another look of combining the old with the new. Each stone and bead is from a vintage piece, but using the Antique Gold Dresden Starburst Rosettes brought all of the items together as a whole.

You can't deny the beauty of some of these vintage trims. I even used some for Natasha's necklace and crown.

Ok, so this is a first. I didn't actually decorate the back of this piece. But I had to show you this handy little hanger that came with the shrine. Such a great idea!

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