December 28, 2019

A Little Place Called Gnomeville

If you ever find yourself deep in the forest, you might be lucky enough to come along to a little place known as Gnomeville.

There is a wonderful cabin there, with a foundation of beautiful stone where all are welcome.

On any given night, you can peek in the back window and see gnomes gathered around a warm fire, sipping on warm cider with smiles and laughter on all. 

One of my favorite things to see there are the grand toadstools that pop up all over, which I've heard is a sign of good luck. What a fabulous way to bring in a New Year!

I am happy to say that the newest kit from Alpha Stamps has already given me a great, creative start to the New Year. Why? Because I adore toadstools/mushrooms and gnomes.

The wooded scene here was easy to create with the help of this new 12x12 Scandinavian Woodland - Birch Wood Scrapbook Paper.

There are so many beautiful animals that can be added from the Into The Woods Collage Sheet. I have a fondness for squirrels so I knew that little guy would be my first choice.

I so enjoy creating with bits of fabric from vintage, beat up quilts. When I realized I had this 4.5x5.5 Inch Mini Folio, I decided to create a large toadstool for these happy gnomes to celebrate the New Year. I think they like it, what do you think?

Can you guess the theme for the next kit from Alpha Stamps

 Alpha Stamps January 2020 New Year Gnomes Kit

The above little guy is included in the kit along with some other precious wood cuts, my new favorite 12x12 papers and more. 

Below you can find a link to all of the Alpha Stamps supplies that I used, including the names of other collage sheets that I used to add even more life to the Gnomeville woods.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I wish to you a very Joyous New Year and Decade! May it bring you every happiness, much love, and lots of creative me time! 


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