August 31, 2019

Black Cats, Tombstones and Creepy Trees

Hooray for Hallowe'en is an understatement!!! This is my favorite time of year for projects!  I have not one, but TWO awesome projects to share with you! The first one is SpookTackular, contains a tombstone accordion book, and it is PACKED full of cool graveyard scenes!

Welcome to the entrance. For me, black cats have always been a lucky thing. 

This accordion book is included in the newest kit over at Alpha Stamps along with several Halloween Collage Sheets (and there are tons more to choose from) a few of the new 12x12 papers from the Happy Halloween collection, as well as other goodies.

The papers are double sided and the designs are both cute and spooky, which comes in very handy for this project.

My favorite part of the accordion book is the huge 8 inch Creepy Tree. I'll discuss that a little more down below.

Take a stroll through the cemetery, enjoy the colorful tombstones, bright full moon and inviting ghosts and owls.

All I needed for my Tiny Tombstones was a layer of paper from the Happy Halloween 6x6 Pad. The only tough part was choosing which side of the paper I wanted to use.

I knew I needed something creative for my Creepy Tree, and then it hit me. Bottles, lots of hanging bottles. I remembered seeing a tree in South Carolina years ago, covered in hanging bottles. So of course I had to find out the story behind the decorated tree.

"The legend goes that evil spirits are drawn to the bottles when the light of the moon reflects off the glass. The spirits enter into the bottles and become trapped inside where they are forced to stay for the rest of the night. To signal their displeasure at being confined they can often be heard moaning when the wind blows through the bottle tree. When the sun rises the next morning, the sunlight burns and destroys the evil spirits trapped inside the bottles. The empty bottles are then free to lie in wait for the next wandering soul that may happen by when nightfall arrives." - Dale J. Young 

The back of the tree is covered with Black Glass Glitter,  a favorite element of mine on Halloween decor.

The accordion book can be maneuvered into different shapes as well and could easily enclose something yummy or creepy inside.

Next is a triptych of a little town full of skeletal townsfolk who are just so friendly. 

Some relax with music and skull ale.

Neighbors from all over gather to celebrate life's little miracles. And of course, black cats are just another member of the family.

The triptych is made from three different shapes of 5x7 Chipboard Tombstones. I used a simple piece of black cord to attach them all together and it also gives the triptych stability to stand on it's own.

"Eye" wonder what "eye" will create next for my Halloween collection? My walls don't have "eyes" like this tombstone,  but I'm sure "eye" will capture a few pictures to share. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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New Leaf said...

I love the theme and the bottles in the tree. Just the right amount of spooky. I don't think I could ever look at a pack of paper and come up with such cool art with so much detail.