August 21, 2019

A Display of Yummy Treats

Can you guess what one of my favorite color combinations is? I'll give you a hint, seam binding. 

That's right! I love the combination of Neapolitan colors, pink, brown, and cream. When I saw this adorable Confection Sweet Treats paper collection over at Alpha Stamps, I had this sudden urge to make a yummy book of treats.

I have put aside some of my favorite candy rappers, being the obsessed Junk Journaler that I am, and also have a few vintage goodies that I thought would look great within this double journal book.

Actually it's two books of treats within a book. How cool is that! 

For the cover of my first journal,  I attached a layered piece of folded paper to create a pocket to hold some of my vintage ice cream sticks. I even had room to include an acrylic ice cream cone on the bottom.

I recently purchased a large lot of vintage ephemera that included several recipe cards. I decided to take out a few that had desserts listed and added them to the a few different pages. Plus, some slip out from envelopes I created.

This "Cherry Cake" miniature tin did not start out that way. It was actually a Christmas Candy Box. With the help of some Dimensional Snow (as icing), a few dots of Christmas Red Stickles  (as cherries) and a new label from the Teeny Tiny Tin Labels Collage Sheet, it became something brand new.

Here are a few more of those vintage recipe cards and the pocket I made for them. 

I think that this spread is my favorite. On the left is a vintage recipe written out on a piece of paper, along with a faux Biscuit box.

This side I adore with it's cute image of a girl in the kitchen, more notes from vintage cards, faux mini cook books and a miniature rolling pin. I used sand paper to make the back of the rolling pin flat and it attached with ease.

I still have plenty of room to add more items, if I choose. These papers are gorgeous on their own. I used a paper clip to attach a chocolate chip package that was in one of my grandmother's old recipe books. She cut out and kept so many recipes. I didn't want to actually glue it, so with the clip and the flip page I added, it can come off and be viewed.

You can't go wrong with candy wrappers. They all seem to be made with such joy. Below I added a couple of Tiny Resin Strawberry Cabochons.

Using layered strips of paper, I created a cake for my main cover. Again, using the Dimensional Snow, I was able to attach some layers of strawberries, Neapolitan delights, tasty dessert rolls and more. But of course they aren't real, Looking at it makes me crave whipped cream and rich desserts. Those layered treats were made from several different Polymer Clay Canes. I could slice that stuff all day!

There are so many fun details within these books. Click here for all of the Alpha Stamps Supplies Used.

Now go make something delicious! Thanks for stopping by!


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Ronda Liebert said...

That is so cute. Love the set up. Can you please tell me how you made the scalloped paper that mirrors the shape of the cover? I have wanted to do this on occasion and wondered how to get the right proportions. Thanks in advance.