March 13, 2019


It's no secret that I am a collector of many things. From all things French, ephemera galore, doll heads, ledgers, smalls, and everything in between, my studio is covered, top to bottom. Even the ceiling has found treasures on it. So the idea of creating a mini space full of collections was just too perfect to pass up.

The new Industrial Bricks 6x6 Paper Pad was the inspiration behind my project along with this Half Scale Tall Corner Room Box.

I grew up with books, lots and lots of books. I could never have too many and the older they are the happier I become. I used pages from a vintage French dictionary to make the pages for my mini books. I used five "mini" folded pages in each "book" and a dab of glue. The easiest part was having the covers already finished with the help of this Jules Verne Tiny Books Half Sheet

I found a dictionary page with some colorful flags, so I made them into a collection of mini posters.

Rolling up illustration pages created a collection of posters.

For my many "curiosities" I used this fantastic Cabinet of Curiosities Collage Sheet. Since it can be purchased as a digital download, I am able to print the designs in whatever size I choose, as many times as I like. This sheet has everything for my tiny studio including birds, butterflies, bats, posters or make shift shadow boxes that look just like the real deal. 

I recently organized my studio using several brown cardboard boxes and old red framed labels to add that needed vintage touch. I was able to do the same for my mini studio using the Miniature Brown Paper Boxes Collage Sheet. 

I really enjoyed putting this miniature space together and I am feeling the need to make a "collection" of many more!

So, what do you collect? 


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