November 6, 2019

A Treat To Make, And A Place For Treats

I have SO MUCH to share with you! I have been busy in the studio with the latest Alpha Stamps Christmas Baking Treat Box Kit! It's loaded with the cutest goodies, and there are some other fun boxes for decorating available as well.

Look at all of these adorable decorations I made! Not only are they full of Holiday Cheer, but they were simple to create as well. 

This cute, snowy House Treat Box, which is included in this months kit, looks detailed, which it is, but it didn't take much work at all.

Using a palette knife, I added some Dimensional Snow to the roof, just like I was frosting a cake. Then I pressed a stencil into the snowy layer and added a tad more snow over the top. 

This made a quick imprint to add texture and design.

It was like creating a mini gingerbread house, with so many included treats, but this is one house I can keep around forever. Wish I had these when my girls were little. 

Crating these 2 Inch Cube Craft Boxes was an even quicker task with the help of some paper punches. I used a scalloped square to gather a few punches of chosen paper, then a round punch for my collage sheet images, a dab of red ink from an ink pad, and attached. For the top, I added a few holes and poked in some Miniature Pine Cone Picks, greenery and some artificial hydrangea flowers.

Imagine these placed all around the house in tiny nooks here and there. 

Lastly are my Kraft Milk Cartons, minus the milk of course. 

Seriously, these little, colorful Brownies from the Holiday Brownies Rubber Stamp Set, are just too fabulous! I have used this stamp set several times over the years and  with a few more paper punches of patterned paper, my hand colored friends made a perfect addition.

Using some ribbon from the Advent Calendar Tags Ribbon Set, and a Mini Bronze Butterfly Paper Clip, help this little carton become a box to hold candy, treats, or a small gift.

A personal favorite for the Holiday Season. Such a gorgeous variety of ribbons to choose from. 

Don't let the many angles intimidate you from creating something grand. I literally folded the paper over the edges on the sides and this little roof piece, creased the paper, tore, and applied. 

Another Brownie friend! 

I used a square punch to make an opening in this carton, so that I could insert a bundle of candy canes and leave room for a surprise inside. 

Lucky for me, I have a few more boxes to play with. I've already started on another House Treat Box, and I have a few more 2 Inch Cube Boxes, which I'm excited to add some other holiday greenery to. 

I hope I've given you some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by!


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