September 28, 2019

The Three Little Kittens, They Turned Into Bats

Creepy Halloween themed projects are the BEST! And I love my "treats" from Alpha Stamps. Especially the treats from the newest October Twilight Kit. 

There is a house full of witches that are watching you. But there is more to that creepy house then what you can see in the windows. There are also a lot of black cats.

Three black cats to be exact. And they didn't loose their mittens. They became bats! And you know what else? They sleep in coffins.

They all have creepy old dolls too. And the poor little guy that was just walking down the street in his top hat, being watched by witchy eyes, became a doll for one of those cats, that sleeps in a silk lined coffin. 

I don't know why I got so silly with this project, but I really enjoyed the process. This set of Small Chunky Coffins with Bat Shape are just too cute, and are just one of the many items included in the October Twilight Kit. 

I  used two layers of quilting and sewed this deep red, silky fabric to one of the chipboard coffins.  It was a job, but I love this kittens little coffin bed.

And I just have to mention that little guy with the top hat again, because he came from my own personal collection of dolls. You can use him and other dolls from my studio in your own work thanks to the Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet Creepy Dolls.

I used nothing but paper from the Twilight 12x12 Paper Pad, skewers painted black and these cats from the collage sheet Retro Halloween Cards and Tags, to create these kitten puppets. They love to chase after that poor Articulated Skeleton, as it runs all over the stage.

Another piece of this wonderful paper made a quick pocket to slide the puppets into for safe keeping.

But after a night in their coffins, "POOF" out come their Mini Bat Wings for a good bat stretch. Yep, the "puppets" are double sided. One side without wings, and one side with wings.

For my roof hardware, I sliced some pieces of a designed polymer clay. There is a wonderful mixed set already sliced  from Alpha Stamps, and there are lots of other styles to choose from as well.

So remember to watch your back, because things might not always be as they appear!


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Shannon Cooper said...

Love your batty cats!!!