October 15, 2016

A Visit To The Old Cemetery

Some folks are terrified of old cemeteries. Not me. I love the history you can find and the stories from the past. Especially in the South, places like Charleston, Savannah, and Edisto Island. When I know I will be close to one, it's time to do some research to plan which graves I will be visiting. 

Like this spot in Savannah. Basically a huge cemetery in the main part of town, but the people decided to build their city over it. So many lost graves and tombstones. It's odd seeing a wall containing the memory of so many, but not knowing where their remains actually are. They say many of those souls are mad and that is why this place is so haunted. It inspired me to do the wall above.

A shrine to the dead, their memory, and constant prayers for their peace.

Yes, I did, I added fire to those little melted candles for that one awesome shot. However, I got a few and just had to share them.

It's as if it is speaking through the flame.

And luckily for me, it still looks cool after the fire.

All the mausoleums in these cemeteries are so weathered and aged. Some falling apart, some mysterious and spooky. Imagine all of the different people that have visited these spots over the years and the way the world has changed since the dead were entombed. 

You can probably "see" my interest in older cemeteries now. I have visited this spot so many times during the past 30 years it feels like home. The mausoleum used to scare me, knowing someone was accidentally buried there alive. But my sister and I brought flowers and said prayers for her so now it feels better to me. Notice the missing door? Ever since they found the poor girl, the door won't stay on. It broke, was replaced and came back off again. They finally gave up and now it sits open. 

Maybe that is her spirit, there above the mausoleum, just saying hello now that she is at peace.

I love how this page came out, the look of an old piece of carved marble. I simply glued these Relic & Artifacts faces to my "stone" paper, then painted the faces to match and blended it all together. 

More old tombstones, separated from their owners, forever unknown without their marker.

It can't be a true "Southern Cemetery" without the Spanish Moss. It speaks with the wind and makes itself known.

What's the lesson for today? Don't fear the history of the past. You can learn some fascinating traditions and stories, some which touch the heart and some that boggle the mind.


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Shannon Cooper said...

A beautiful project! All of your details are spot on, and I felt as if I were enjoying a nice stroll through the cemetery. Love that marble paint job, too. Wow!

Betsy Skagen said...

This is such a wonderful project. Such details.