April 6, 2016

Memories of Holland's Flowers

It is so therapeutic to me to have time to create. Lots of us find joy in flowers, adding beauty and warmth to our life. My latest therapy session called for creating my own flowers and it was very rewarding.

It was like taking a trip down memory lane when my husband and I visited Holland. The train station had a flower vendor and there were massive amounts of flower bundles. My husband was there on business and would bring me a bundle almost every day of our trip. We even brought some home to the states. 

So what could be better then a mini Flower Cart of your own, full of everlasting flowers. I think this cart is adorable and it was so easy to put together and decorate.

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. Every year, my family gives me a hydrangea plant for Mother's Day. I have nine healthy hydrangea bushes in front of my house now and love it when they bloom. I take way too many pictures of them (below) and put them all over the house. Even when they dry, they are still a beautiful addition to any room. Change the acidity of the soil they are in, and they will grow in different colors.

Naturally I love the tiny Miniature Blue Hydrangeas in Flower Pot that Alpha Stamps carries now and when I saw the Hydrangea Mini Punch that can help me create my own, I flipped out!

There is a huge selection of these wonderful paper punches. You can create actual flowers found in nature or create your own in any color combination!

Several pre-made paper flowers are on the Alpha Stamps web site as well. I've included links to the ones that I have used below in my supply list.

To wrap my flowers, I used pages from a vintage french book. After getting the shape I wanted, I used one cutout as a stencil. All it took was a twist, a dab of glue, and a clothes pin to hold it in place for a couple of minutes. Don't let it dry completely though, the paper will stick to the pin and then you will have to start all over.

I really love working with this Leafy Green Underbrush. It comes in other colors as well and was perfect for the center of some of my flowers. I dipped the floral wire in glue, the underbrush, then squeezed it tight with my fingers. For the yellow and rust centers I used the Clump Foliage - Fall Mix.

It takes a little practice to create and punch your flowers. I used an extra wide needle to make larger holes so that I could use a variety of items to make my stems.

How bout this nifty idea that popped into my head, using flower stamen that come in a huge variety of colors! Using Forest Moss Distress Paint to dob my "stems" worked perfectly. I simply cut the bottom end off and threaded my paper flowers on with a dab of glue. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you find some beauty in your day. Feel free to leave comments (I love comments) and if you have any questions just let me know. 

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Connie said...

Absolutely adorable! You must have the patience of Job, to create that :)