September 14, 2013

My Studio.... A Place To Escape & Be

It's been a long time since I posted pictures of my studio. It has changed a great deal and has been filled with even more treasures.  So here it is, random pics I took in no particular order.You can click on any picture to enlarge as well.

My entire collection of vintage ledgers. Aren't they magnificent!
I still look for Parisian pennants that I don't have. Don't seem to be that many out there. Now I get duplicates so that I can display the opposite side.
Teeth and Nun dolls
Vintage prosthetic and doll eyes
Antique medical books and tools
No reason not to cover the ceiling as well.
Yes, this is the usual state of my desk. True, I could have cleaned it, but that would be a waste of time and an unrealistic view of me. I am constantly creating art, therefore there is constantly and explosion on my desk and floor.
I love old celluloid dolls, even though they are highly flammable.
Bullets, stamps, Saint statues, Catholic medals, prison and skeleton keys, organ parts (not the flesh kind, lol) and clock parts.
Vintage marbles, toys, labels and more.
I love the two Parisian banners I found accented with lights. I still need to finish hanging it correctly and add more lights. One of these days.
Parisian souvenirs and antique optical tools.
I love any and everything to do with Phrenology. Can you tell?
Vintage mother of pearl buttons and more.

Rosary collection that is sill being added to.
Tubs with sorted parts such as locks, toy guns, door parts and more.
I have been wanting a gas mask for YEARS! Went to a favorite antique spot and the owner mentioned this to me (on bottom shelf) while I was checking out other treasures in the case like the old FBI most wanted ad I found. Not only did I get my mask, I got the case!  WooHoo SCORE!
Skulls, composition dolls (my babies not for use in art) and photo albums with the original photos.
Game pieces and cigar boxes.
Toy Guns and Locks
The view if I look up while sitting at my desk.
Guess what my favorite number is?
Levers and Pulleys
Large metal gears and post office box covers.
More toy guns and locks that need to be added to my wall.
Door parts
Metal Tins and Faucets
Round Containers
Mummified frog, the mouse I taxidermied myself and some cools skulls and other treasures.
One day I hope to have a human one.
My messy floor which is actually pretty clean and my worn out chair. I can't tell you how many hours my butt has been here, but obviously it's been a lot. My husband wants to replace it. I just want to draw on it.
Victorian mourning trims (which I can't touch cause they really "feel" sad), broach with hair, and a body tag.
Vintage memorial cards and photos with a deceased family members memento (one has hung pics, empty chair, etc.)
My collection of casket keys and a bottle I purchased, not realizing it was an embalming bottle which is just too feakin' cool!

Vintage prosthetic and doll eyes.
Books and manuals on embalming as well as some small casket keys from England that are from the 1800s.
I love having my bird feeders just outside my window. I can sit at my desk and watch my birds, have a few humming birds which love to mess with my cats, and the squirrels that put their little paws on my window to say hello. The birds clean my feeders out way too fast, as you can tell. Also put a washi tape "X" on the window so the birds wouldn't bump into it anymore. Looks tacky, but oh well.
And one view of my mess, treasure chest room with curtains open. I LOVE my clutter filled space and know I am so very blessed to have it. Just realized you can see one of my black cats sitting on the back rest of my chair. Poor thing is allergic to fleas and living in the woods does not help. But fall is in the air which means they will be gone soon. Thank God!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my studio. To see pics of my studio from 2010 click here:

Thanks for stopping by and may you all have a space of your own! XOXO


Alicia said...

Omg, lady! Your studio puts mine to shame, even before I had to sell a bunch of stuff to feed my fellas. Love, love, love everything! If I ever have a huge sum of spare money again, I'm totally using your studio as indpiration to replenish my own. Also, I think I have a super old toy gun for you. I'll look for it next time I tidy my space. xx

Thespoena said...

So cool girl, thanks for the peak. Loved seeing all your treasures and completely jealous of all those charlottes! Hugs!

Rhonda said...

Adored seeing your own art mixed in there. I seem to sell mine and then reproduce for moi.

I simply adored the antique ledger books, those nun dolls are to die for, French banners, there was so much I loved. Most of all I drooled over all of your file drawers and cabinets, melted my heart. Love them.

You have it all, Rhonda, I could shop in your studio for days.

XO Rhonda

Gail Thayer said...

One of the most awesome creative spaces I've seen yet!
Love it all, our tastes are so very similar! And I'm about as 'tidy' as you!
I always have to remind my dh that my space is a working space. It's not really for show.
Thanks for sharing it with us. You've given me some great ideas for some new collections!

Carol said...

Wow!! your space is amazing! (PS: I'm in Freakwerx!)

my cup of tea said...

Wow! Rhonda! Such a fabulous space!
So much to look at, I would not want to do any work!