January 31, 2013

Great Start To A New Year

Imagine my surprise when my husband's business trip to Hawaii finally came through after years of talking about it.  For the final gift on Christmas Day, I put an envelope into our tree.  The kids had to unscramble the words, "We are going to" and then had to unscramble the letters, "Waikiki". Next, find out where it was located.  Talk about excitement!  So after returning to school after the holidays for four days, we were on a plane to Hawaii and skipping school for a week.  Normally I wouldn't do it, but it was a well needed trip for all! And we had been saving those frequent flyer points for years for said trip.  Only cost $30 for the three of us to join him! 

Needless to say, I took A LOT of photos.  So much beauty and my kiddos in that beauty equals over 1500 pictures on my digital cameras.  Yes, I have two and they are always on me, not to mention my phone as well.  It was an amazing trip!

I took the below pic off of our lanai one day.  I really loved opening our two huge sliding doors and bringing the outdoors in. All these little birds would visit and when one saw some crumbs on the floor, came right on in on the living room floor.  It was precious how they would all come and sit with us within inches.

And of course I was running around with my Hawaiian bird book.  

Talk about being in awe!  The kids and I visited Hanauma Bay, a volcanic crater now protected coral reef. If you notice that first bit of turquoise blue in the photo below, well, that is where we went snorkeling   My oldest had a rented prescription mask and the look on her face touched my heart.  My youngest is a natural and I so enjoyed our bonding time while seeing so many amazing, large and colorful fish.  

We went all over the island, made so many memories swimming and snorkeling and even just looking at all of the different land formations.  If you go, be sure to visit Hanauma Bay and the Honolulu Zoo is wonderful as well.  Or, just take a drive. It was a great start to 2013! Hope you had a great one too! 

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