December 22, 2012

Around The Studio

My studio has changed so much since I did my "Where Bloggers Create" post a few years ago.  Furniture has come and gone or been rearranged and many, many new collections have begun.  And naturally there are so many more treasures.  I thought today I would share a few views of my studio with you. 

I love phrenology heads and anything medically related. 

Jar full of nuns. 

Vintage glove molds are fabulous as are other hand molds. 

You already know how I feel about my old heads. The one on the far right is supposedly "haunted" and on two occasions I have come in to find most of these heads facing to their right.  Literally turned and I have no explanation for it. 

I love old dental teeth and medically related items.  The left mold on my old French medical book is mine, and my best friend gave me hers as well which is on the right.  What an awesome friend! I don't know who once owned the false teeth on top of hers but was thrilled to find them while out treasure hunting one day. 

More collections... I am obsessed with old daguerreotype photo cases.  They are just so historical and beautiful. I have one mourning pin, but am searching for some affordable Victorian mourning hair jewelry.  Things were so different back then and I think for me, those types of things would have helped me in my grieving process.  

So there you have it, a few little recent snippets   Hopefully I will be able to get my act together and do a post of my whole studio.  I feel so blessed to have it and being within is so comforting to me.  I hope all of you have a place to call your own! Thanks for stopping by! 



Rhonda said...

Ooh, I adore your collection of nun dolls, I never knew they existed. I also collect tintypes, daguerreotype photo cases but I plan on using them in my art, one day. Okay, one day may never come but I did really plan for it.

Thanks for the peek into your studio, I love it. Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas, Rhonda. xo Rhonda

Gail Thayer said...

Oh so fantastic, can't wait to see more!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!! I love the jar full of nuns haha fun!
I remember those old real teeth in dental school.. gross out as i was I dont think it dawned on me that I was going to be doing it for a living haha I htink it freaked me out bc i didnt know whos teeth they were! but anywho i doudt you recognize me as this blog name its me sarah from gypsy mermaid i just changed things up a bit! Still a gypsy but have a new decorating blog! I just posted my studio!! come give me a visit hugs


Rebecca said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading! Glad I finally caught up. I just love your studio! And now I wish I had a band because I want to name it "Jar Full of Nuns." Cheers!!

Julia said...

Love your old daguerreotype's, they are so special. You should check out "Maureen Taylor", The Photo Detective on Facebook or her blog. She identifys old photos and has written a book on photos of Revolutionary War men and women.
Also the History Detectives said that vintage "Hair Jewelry" sometimes bring ghosts of the people it belonged to, oooooh.

Julia said...

I don't know if my comment went thru, but you should check out "Maureen Taylor" The Photo Detective, she has great books and blog on identifying vintage photos.

BLiSsAngELs said...

dear Miss Rhonda i popped in to look around your blog for ideas about your box and wow I got side track by all the fabulous doll heads and interesting bit and bobs you have... wonderful .....collector at heart

hugs wendy