June 2, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

To Whom It May Concern:

This is Rhonda's blog.  I've decided to take over myself because Rhonda has been neglecting me for way too long and I am tired of it!  What does she think I am?  Some doll that she can pick up and play with and then throw into the corner to rot?  I have feelings to you know.  So I've decided to take matters into my own "hands" or pixels or jpegs or something like that.  Whatever!  I'm done!  Did she ever consider that I reside within her computer, that place where she keeps all of her info for me to have total access to? Muhhaha!  Now I can share whatever I darn well please!

First up is an old desk that Rhonda found at a garage sale.  As she was walking past it, she said to her friend how she would love to have an old desk like that. That's when they noticed the sign that read, "For Sale $20".  She couldn't believe it and neither could her husband.  That is, that Rhonda would purchase some large item from a garage sale for him to have to pick up.  It fits perfectly in front of her window and gives her so much more storage.  It even has those little additional spots that slide out for more space. And now, it is where I sit, within her computer.... alone. 

Sadly, Rhonda's kitty passed away.  This wonderful cat, Tiger, had been with her throughout her entire ten year marriage and her daughter's life.  In fact, she used to sit on Rhonda's belly when she was pregnant with her oldest.  Do you know that a couple of days later, out of the blue, the cat below appeared.  And it never went away.  Just hung around her house.  It looks just like Tiger and her mommy Roxy all wrapped up in one.  Well, you know how Rhonda is about animals.  She couldn't just leave it out for the elements.  So she brought it inside where she and her whole family fell in love with it.  They took it to the vet to check for a microchip, put ads on Craigslist and with the animal shelter and even hung up signs, "Found Cat".  Well, the owner did call, but after discussing it with Rhonda's husband (who told the owner how they had fallen in love with it since the passing of their own cat) and the owner said, "Well, it would probably be better off with you.  We keep passing it to other relatives so if you want it, keep it".  You can imagine the excitement of their new fur baby, obviously sent by their wonderful Tiger.  That Rhonda always seems to have four cats.  And I hate it when they all want to look out her window at the same time and bump into me.

Rhonda and her bFff (don't ask) LOVE to go "junkin".  Rhonda has this crazy book, you know, those SMASH* ones from the craft store.  She has printed out address of all of the local antique and thrift stores in it.  She puts in business cards and info about each spot and what crazy ass thing she purchased.  I swear, get those two together and you are in for some adults who act like nothing but goofy, stupid, teenagers.  They really need to grow up.  Any who, there is a new spot downtown near the old haunted theater that is now an antique shop.  This is the same one where Rhonda heard a man walk up behind her and yelped, but there was no one there.  Anyway, there are a few shops there now and they went to this really cool one with  a storage spot beside of it.  Well, Rhonda just HAD to have this crazy old prosthetic leg and leg brace with a black shoe on it.  Sure enough, they were still there.  So guess what I have to share my space with now?  Well, the picture below is also in that spot and her friend was like, "Oh my gosh, Rhonda.  Look at this picture and tell me what you feel".  Well, it's got to be haunted and feels so very sad.  Rhonda said if it was still there the next time she went, she was going to get it.  She'll probably tell whatever it is to, "Go into the light and be at peace".  I'm tellin' you.  That Rhonda is a weird one, but I guess you gotta lover her. 

And of course if we are talking about Rhonda, then you know she is doing some kind of art work with all of that stuff she buys.  I don't even remember if she showed you this crown she made for Alpha Stamps. And leave it to Rhonda to put it on a big Phrenology head. 

She also made the below piece with a lot of new and great supplies form Alpha Stamps.  That girl is an Alpha Stamps Junkie. And you know that if you EVER have any questions about her work, you can just leave her a message here.  Rhonda gave the below piece to her Mom for Mother's Day.  Her Mom really loved it and hanged it up in her living room.  It took forever to cut all of those ladies out, but it was so worth it (so she says).

Okay, that was a bit of a "normal" comment about Rhonda.  Now some more about the "freak" Rhonda. She found a Black Widow by her front door one day.  They have become way too common.  Well, she put it in a jar and asked her hubby to release it at work.  She couldn't kill it, because she swears that every time she does, more come back out of revenge.  And she couldn't release it because it's so poisonous.  Well, her hubby forgot to do it and it died.  Oddly, and I say that because Rhonda canNOT handle spiders. That girl decided to show it "respect" and placed it in a pendant and covered it with DG3 Art Gel.  I mean, really.  How odd!  She is going to make it into a necklace or something, eek! 

Below is a bat that Rhonda found.  She placed it in a shadow box with her Vintage French ledger pages.  Gosh she loves that stuff.  Ever since she started watching that show "Oddities" she has had her imagination sparked with new odd things to collect and make.  In fact, she even purchased some skulls from that dude Ryan on the show.  He makes these exploding skulls and stuff.  She just idolizes him way too much. So now I get to share my space with a bat, as well as her other freaky skulls and vintage medical finds.  Nice.

Did you hear the one about the Nun and the Priest?  They were dolls that Rhonda found.  Aren't they creepy? And leave it to Rhonda to put them on some old French paper and make it the image on her desktop.  So one more weird thing I have to put up with.  Jeez! 

So there's an update for you. It's summer time and Rhonda and her kiddos are doing all sorts of stuff like junkin', swimming, and making weird art.  Leave it to Rhonda to have that influence on her kids.  Guess it could be worse though.  Enjoy your day and come back soon.  If Rhonda doesn't post, then I will.  Maybe I'll post some pictures Rhonda doesn't want you to see.  Muh hahahaha! 

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Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

RHONDA!!! the prosthetic w/ the shoe was probably used by a man that had polio.
I HAVE THAT SAME PROSTETIC only a little different AND mine is wired as a wall lamp. Wanna see????
i need your phone no. if you can get text messages and i can text you a picture.
i love mine. it.is.so.cool.!!!!!!!!