November 22, 2011

New French Ledger Pages Now Listed

Oh how I love my French Ledger Pages!  I have finally listed some from my latest batch in my Etsy shop.  These are from the 1920s and the writing is so perfect.  I feel bad at times using these in my artwork. The one who wrote this was so careful.  But then I think it is better to enjoy them within my art then for them to sit covered in dust on a shelf.  I'm happy to set up custom orders as well.

They are HUGE and I am so lucky to have them!  Thanks for stopping by!


Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Happy Thanksgiving, stranger!!
I think of you so often and wonder how you're doing.

Of course, I think of you every time i go into the master bath:)

lovin' you, jan

Rhonda said...

These are awesome!! I admire the ones I have - I truly need to use them. See, it is hard to let them go.