August 8, 2011

Beautiful Friends

Life has been a bit tough over the last five months.  But hopefully those challenges will be in the past soon. It amazes me the amount of truly giving friends I have made throughout the years while blogging and swapping.  Some of these gals are so dear to me and have been some of the most supportive friends I have ever had that also bring a great deal of laughter to me as well.  And that is such a blessing to me.  To have people I have never met in person, many I have never even heard their voices, but I know they are there for me and would do anything in the world for me.  It's a wonderful gift from God.

I have received many cards and gifts of support and cheer as well. I have those who are keeping my family in their prayers and touching base with me often to see how things are.  It warms my heart. I haven't been as good at thanking you all, but I know you know I appreciate you so much.  Thank you for the prayers, the emails and all of the thoughtfulness.  I love you all so much!

I have other gifts that I really need to share.  I feel badly for not doing so yet.  My blog has been put on the back burner for a while, but hopefully I will be able to share more soon.  Below is a gift from my friend Rhonda from A Little Bit French. She sent this picture to me after she made this gift so I am "stealing" it so that I can share my beautiful pocket board with you.  She made it just for me, used many of my favorite "labels" and this wonderful stretchy fabric I adore.  You might want to get a tissue before you look at this pic because if you are like me, you will drool as soon as you see it.

For those of you that know me, you know how much I love Rhonda's etsy shop, Parisgal56. And through her shop, we have become good friends.  She is a wonderful and giving gal and I am blessed to have her to cheer my spirit.

After receiving this beautiful board, which will be added to my other treasures from her in my master bedroom, I just had to call her so I could thank her personally.  I had been meaning to call her for some time.  I dialed her number and when she answered it was, "Oh my gosh".  Do you know I felt like I had talked to her a million times before when I was actually hearing her voice for the first time.  It was great to connect and find that we had even more in common.  And she has a similar laugh which really cracked me up!

I would have never guessed that by opening an etsy shop, creating a blog and joining swaps, my life would be changed so much with amazing friends.  I love you all, appreciate your thoughts and prayers and hope to chat with even more of you.  Thanks again to Rhonda for her wonderful friendship and I hope to chat with you again soon!

Have a great week and try to find the good in every situation.


Gail said...

I know what you mean about blogging! And meeting friends through it.....isn't it fun? You actually can connect with people who "get" you and that's priceless.
Thanks for the warning about needing a tissue! That pocket board is TDF!!!!! Rhonda's things are always stunning but that one is just over the top gorgeous!
Lucky you, and hang in there.....I do hope things are looking up for you, for we're all in His hands.....:).

Rhonda said...

GIRL, you know I love ya. We will talk soon and just knowing I made you smile, is all I need to know.

Blessings to a great friend, Rhonda

debi said...

Rhonda, your pocket board is gorgeous! And you were right, I should have gotten a tissue. What a beautiful, dreamy piece and such a wonderful gift.

I hope things are getting better for you and your family. HUGS!

Robin said...

Hi Rhonda....
It's been a while since I've been by. Like you, I have had to put blogging on the back burner. Hard to believe, but it's been well over a year. I came back to it early this summer and have been slowly getting back into it.

Your stretch pocket board is quite lovely. How wonderful to have such a thoughtful friend.

I'll try to come around more often now that I am back.
For now....Have a beautiful day