June 8, 2011

My Love of Composition Dolls

As a teenager, I couldn't stand my mom's collection of dolls.  Forget putting the china in the china cabinet, ours was full of dolls.  We also had a corner cabinet with one doll, I swear it was haunted.  My friends and I hated it and it's eyes would follow you around.  You know the ones that have glass eyes and the open mouth with teeth and tongue.  So now here I am, almost 30 years later (ouch) with a collection of my own.  And some of them are a tad creepy as well.  My daughter's friends come in my studio sometimes to say hello and add, "Ms. Rhonda, that doll is creepy". But something about some of them sing to me, and although I purchased some to use in art, I just can't do it.  I love them the way they are.  OH MY GOSH!  Someone help me!  I've become my mother! (runs from room screaming with arms waving in air). 

Above are my composition dolls.  It's a new obsession of many.  The one on the lower right (above) that is just a head, I swear I feel like if I touch it's mouth, it will bite right down on my finger.  And the head on the far right, I had no desire for it at first.  It came with some German doll heads I had won on ebay.  But isn't it precious!  I love it's little cone hat that I made for it and the glasses from a "Build A Bear" gift. 

Well, below you will find my three new girls.  They should be arriving in the mail soon.  There's one little thing about this girls that worries me just a bit.  Supposidly, they are haunted.  Do any of you have an item that is "haunted"?  There is a new show on SciFi called, "Haunted Collection" where this guy goes around and finds the "haunted" object in a home/business and when he finds the right one, and takes it away, the haunting apparently stops. 

Here is the info that was given about these dolls:

"These dolls come from same estate as my last doll auction. I had originally planned on selling these three dolls separately, but due to their spiritual connection with one another, I am unable to sell them apart.

The previous owner informed me that the eyes were missing ever since his family acquired them. The dolls were found in an old abandoned farm house and were the only remnants that survived a house fire. It is believed that these dolls have the spirit of three blind souls. The owner spoke of instances where his daughter would say her dolls were making noise at night walking around her room tripping over things and keeping her awake. He said he and his wife would hear children talking from the daughter's room only to find her asleep in her bed with the 3 dolls laying together next to her. These dolls have never and will never be apart."

I chatted with the seller a bit, asking what they "do" and if they are at all "negative" because I don't want anything "negative" in my home.  Then I showed the pictures to my girls and asked their opinion.  They dig my funky and sometimes "dark" art, and they also know I like odd dolls.  I figured if either of them said they were "creepy" or didn't like them in some way, I would not go for it.  They both actually seemed a bit excited about me possibly getting them. Then I though about the "What if they freak me out and strange stuff does happen?" If that's the case, I will just give them to my mom, lol.  I just think of them as three cute dolls to add to my collection.

I often wonder about "haunted" antiques.  I have so many things in my home from vintage shops, wouldn't I know if something I had, had a spirit attached to it?  I don't want to spend my afterlife attached to some material item. I will be saying a prayer/blessing for my new girls when they arrive.  But if I hear giggles, my mom will get a late Mother's Day gift. 

Enjoy your day and any new treasures you find!


Evy said...

Ohhhhh " Esprit es-tu là?" (spirit are you there?) No fear Rhonda I am on that these spirits are friendly!
Your last acquisitions of secondhand trades are charming, and mocked in any small price, wonderful finds!

Beautiful day

Gail Thayer said...

Thanks for the "heads up" about the new t.v. show, I'll be looking for it for sure!
Love this post, I too have a lot of dolls, hadn't ever considered the down side of their possible history...yikes....! I do know that my dh and dd don't share my passion. Oh well, it's one that I'm not willing to give up!
Love your new trio......:).

Rhonda said...

Oh, you got me so excited with this post!!!! I want to see that new tv show because I've collected for years and I know in my heart, there are attached spirits with some. I try not to think about it.

Here's the thing, if there's a bad feeling attached, get rid of them. You will know, trust me.

This post falls in the category of that feeling I get in an antique mall. Some booths call to me, I swear. So, when your dolls arrive, unpack them and ask the bad to leave and the good to stay. simple.

This is so cool, I cannot wait for you to get them. Please update us, I'm begging you.

That story about them is giving me chills. LOL

Outofmymind said...

My mom had one of those dolls, when she was little, with the teeth and tongue. My grandma gave it to me when I was 20 but a 'friend' stole it and sold it when I was out of town. It makes me sick to think about it. She was in such great shape and I haven't found one like her since. I LOVE the composition dolls! My mom makes and sculpts the porcelain dolls, but I'm still drawn to the vintage ones! Thanx for sharing!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so jealous of your composition gals. I have just the one (but love her!). BTW, I found 2 more open mouthed girls I'm saving for you. One blonde, one black, large size. No hurry, they are in good company here! I hope you are doing well my dear!

Jennie said...

I totally got chills reading this. Growing up I used to hear stories of dolls that held the spirits of people that hadn't crossed over. I have a hard and fast rule that no vintage dolls can be in my home unless I know who owned them first (and the owner is still alive!)