April 5, 2011

Like a stone on the water, the elements decide my fate.

Oh the challenges of life. I seem to have many this year. Send prayers please, that the truth will be known. And thus the lack of posts here on my blog. 

Yesterday we had some serious storms stirring in the air. The wind was unbelievable and it went perfectly with the mood of my day. My hopes are that they were storms of truth beginning to flow in from God.  I took so many pictures. It seemed as if I were on the bottom of the ocean floor, watching the stormy waves above my head. But this pic really stood out to me. Do you see the baby doll head?

And you know I love my German doll heads!  I just can't get enough and I have a ton of Botox bottles to use to make some more Botox shrines with, so I had to have more heads to make into those wonderful angels, fighting off the Migraine Monster.  I really need to get my last shrine framed in a shadow box for my nerologist.  She is ready to display it in the waiting room and take it with her to Europe this summer to show at a nerological convention and hopefully get published in some neurology magazines.

My favorite stop for my doll heads... Retro Cafe Art, of course!  Kristen sent me a couple with an open mouth.  They are my favorite and will stay in my possession.  I need to post a pic of the other one as well!  She even trims them even so I can use them in my art more easily.  Love that girl!  And you should see the huge Charlotte doll I just got from her.  Amazing! 

More of the storms of the day. Just click on the pic to make it larger.

Like a stone on the water, the elements decide my fate.  -The Killers


Rella said...

Thinking of you, lovie.

xox Rella

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rhonda, I have been thinking of you so much, I hope things are better. I miss you. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I love your doll heads, they are beautiful. Take care. Love and Hugs, Terri

Awishdream said...

Hi Rhonda, Hope things are settling down. Just want you to know... you and yours are in my thoughts & Prayers.
Take care!

Evy said...

Incredible this vision of storm, when the nature bursts out she is still admirably beautiful!
As you I like these dolls, but they are a rarity which I do not regrettably have; and your talent knows magnificently how to "dress" them, for the big enjoyment of eyes!

Beautiful day

Carolyn said...

Hey R..
I`m still thinking about you all my friend .. sending hugs n love your way that the truth will be told ..hang in there cos i know the truth will show it`s face !
I do love storm clouds even standing out in lightning ! crazy huh !

love n miss you

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

OH, thank you thank you dear sweet Rhonda for the shout out and posting the sweet dollies! Can I post your botox shrine on my blog? With credit of course! I have a few other pieces of dollie art to post too :).
I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough right now, but you are so strong and no doubt you will prevail!

Rella said...

Back again...sending hugs.

xox Rella

Kathy said...

Somewhere in the course of almost every day, I think of you, I feel a "pull" to continue to pray for you Rhonda. I hope that your worries are better and that each day brings a peace over you, Be still and listen (hard for me to do, but learning) and you might find your answers.
Love you sweet girl, xo