December 11, 2010

The Beauty in Life

There are so many little things in life that many of us don't appreciate. I have been a bird lover for many years now. While trapped in my home one year due to a blizzard, I noticed the many different birds that came to my bird feeders. I grabbed my bird book and started to identify them but there was one little bird that I could not figure out. It was driving me crazy, so I contacted a local Ornithological group to get some answers. Little did I know how that little pine warbler would add to my life.

I ended up joining the group and would go out on these adventures to view birds in the wild. Standing near a flock of Sand Hill Cranes and viewing Bald Eagles was utterly breathtaking. I began to realize just how different each bird was and appreciated all of their beauty. I even had a bird watching club when I was a teacher and those little kids loved it when we spotted something new.

When traveling, I would just have to purchase a copy of a local bird book, so that I could add more birds to my "life list". Living in Great Britain, (the British Robin is my all time fave. Their littler personalities are wonderful) and traveling to places like Japan, Europe, the Caymans and other vacation spots, gave me the chance to see some really beautiful birds.

Here in Tennessee, I appreciate living in "the city" but being so close to "the country". It's common to see birds of prey, which I just love! I always have my camera with me, but never seem to get that perfect shot.

Lately, while taking the little ones to school, I've noticed a falcon and a hawk that love to sit on the telephone wires and hunt near a creek. But it seems like I just happen to leave my camera at home on those days or I am not able to stop because I am picking the girls up from school. But yesterday was different.

While driving home, I noticed my friend the hawk hanging out on the wire. I just HAD to turn around and try to get that shot. The girls were with me, and I also had our dog Killer with us, (named after my favorite band). I found a place to park, got out of the car and was able to snap a couple of shots before it swooped down and disappeared.

I was so bummed, but happy that I got at least one shot. I drove further down the road, to see if I could find it, but had no luck. So we continued to venture home. All of a sudden, I noticed a huge hawk enjoying it's meal on the side of the road. ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! "Oh my gosh! Girls! Look! How awesome!". I turned around and found a place to park the car. I took so many pics!

I was parked across the street from it, so I decided to turn the car around and park on the other side. Unfortunately, but fortunately for me, the hawk was "used" to the commotion all around and it just continued to eat. And then, I had just HAD to try and get closer. So I got out of the car slowly and quietly walked around to the side of my car.

"Yea,I see you stupid human. Don't come any closer or I will literally rip your flesh". I know, it was stupid, but such a wonderful moment, to be so close, I had to try for that closer shot and was loving the experience. The girls were in awe as well, but Killer would have gotten his butt kicked if he even attempted this bird. He's a wiener/terrier mix.

Lots of people noticed me, while driving by, but failed to notice what was right in front of them. Or maybe, they just didn't care. But I was amazed to watch this beautiful bird of prey as it ate what it had captured. I don't know if it was the same hawk from the wire, but it was just magical, having that moment to appreciate it.

Be sure to appreciate all of the little things in life and keep your eyes open to the beauty around you. It might just be an amazing experience!


Rhonda said...

WOW, these are amazing photos! I love birds, too. Unfortunately, a hawk could carry away my tiny 4 pound dog. I keep an eye in the sky for them even when we are in the back yard. You never know.

Awesome photos and I hope you are doing well, I owe you an email, lady.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rhonda, Oh what beautiful pictures, they are wonderful. We also have hawks, they are beautiful. Yesterday I kept hearing this big bang and there was one trying to fly through the window, I finally went outside to scare him away I did not want him to keep trying to fly through the window. We bought a bird book and when we see different birds we check them off. It is so wonderful living in an area where you see so many, it has been a real joy to me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and have a great weekend. Hugs, Terri

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

amazing photos - I can't believe he let you stick around so long!

Sheila A. said...

You're so lucky to have that time and that closeness to that beautiful creature. We have a hawk who lives around our neighborhood, but he does fly away before I can get a picture.
Merry Christmas to you.