October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - BOO!

Look what arrived yesterday! My two newest girls. Aren't they SPOOKtacular!

My Mother is going to FREAK when she sees them. Not because they will scare her, but after having me hate her dolls so much while growing up, how could I ever own my own?

I think I am going to start a second blog. Keep this one for my froo froo Marie Antoinette and fluffy art, and a new blog for my "dark" side. I am in the process of creating my Botox shrine now with a lovely German doll head! Stay tuned and don't get spooked today!


Outofmymind said...

I LOVE the composition dolls. My mom had one when she was little and then it was given to me when I was 19. Unfortunatly one of my "friends" stole her and sold her. She had the open mouth with the teeth and tounge showing. I've wanted to start collecting them but never have enough money. Enjoy yours and I will to from here. Thanx for sharing.

Rhonda said...

Those dolls are awesome! I love the cracked faces, showing their true age, unlike some women! LOL

Happy Halloween to my friend!

Kim said...

Love your new dolls Rhonda...and looking forward to seeing your 'darkside' blog! Happy Haunting! xoxo

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

GORGEOUS dollies! The one on the right looks like she could be the sister of my sweet girl :).

gretchen said...

"Botox shrine" ...oh, i love that!
My sisters and I had two of the old compo dolls growing up, they were given to us by older neighbor girls...and yes, I still have one of them and she has several sisters that have joined the family.