October 30, 2010

Alpha Stamps "Skeletons In The Attic" Book Swap

These are the pages that I created for Alpha Stamps "Skeletons In The Attic" Book Swap, hosted by the devouring Bella Ayers from Crushed Velvet and Roses. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this swap. It was so nice to visit my "dark side" and create with these fab collage sheets from Alpha Stamps. I seem to be obsessed with skeletons, skulls, ravens and black cats.

It was really hard for me to pass my pages on. I felt so close to all of my little characters, especially my "mother and child" page. But, I do have pictures.

Consider yourself warned, that new "dark" artwork will be posted. I was working on some while waiting for my Botox injections at my neurologists office. I get the shots to help with my migraines. I guess they must be pretty bad if I am getting these shots because I have a HUGE phobia of needles. I asked my doctor (who is a Saint in my eyes) if I could keep the Botox bottle to use in my artwork. She said, "Sure, but you have to show me what you make with it". The great part is that she wants pictures of my art, to display in the lobby. That way other patients can see it and I'm sure, relate. She also is going to submit my work to some neurology journals and magazines. How cool would it be to share my work with others and maybe bring them some relief or joy in knowing that they are not alone. I am super excited and already in the works of my altered Botox shrine.

So have a Ghostly Halloween and stay safe! And if you like any of the images that I used, then be sure to check out Alpha Stamps. They even have "dark" rubber stamps. (Insert EVIL, or as Bella would say, Eeehhvahl cackle here).


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Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Hi Rhonda. I am a member of the Alpha Stamps Yahoo group, though I haven't been in a swap since the summer. I totally know what you mean that it can be hard to part with your swap pages. That's why I took a break. I was in mourning (not really, I'm being silly). I always take pics, too, so I can look back, or even re-create, which I rarely do.