July 19, 2010

P A R I S in Printer's Blocks

I love it when I see pictures of old printer's blocks on display in someones room. I am happy to say I found one of the Eiffel Tower a few years ago. How wonderful for my collection! I always thought it would be cool to have "Paris" spelled out. I know you find that odd, coming from me, hahaha. I am happy to say I have purchased my last two letters now from ebay and can't wait to put them all together. Above are the letters I found. I placed them all out on Visio to see how it would look. I then thought about maybe using my Eiffel Tower as the "I" but will wait and see. If not as the "I" then set up with the letters for sure. I'll let you see what I come up with.

I hope you are all having a great summer. I've been super busy with the kids home but have been making some great art both Marie related and some from my "darker" side. I've also found some great vintage French goodies like a fabric swatch book from the early 1900s and some old menu cards and buttons. I will share those soon. Until then, have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Rhonda said...

We "do" have so much in common! I love your idea for spelling out Paris - I have a small collection of these - I have the P, A and the R. so now I need to find the I and S. I was trying to spell my name but Paris is easier.

Love your picture and I would really like to see the Eiffel Tower in printer block, I think I would faint if I saw one for sale!!


Cassandra said...

Hey girl. I thought I would stop by and double check you have been getting my messages. I have replied to all your emails, but did not see a reply. I am not sure maybe they are going to your spam box. I just thought I would check. A few of us are doing a satin ribbon order and thought I would see if you wanna join in. xo Cassandra

P.S these letters are wonderful!!!! How cute!