October 29, 2009

Love & Hope for Our Little Angels Charity Auction Event

Etsy Cottage Style
is an amazing group of artists that have really inspired me for a great deal of time now. While visiting one day, I read the story of Jewel from Shabby Boutique and the amazingly hard journey that she had endured not only through divorce, but through the horrible news that her own son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Having two children of my own, I couldn't imagine getting this news. Her strength during that time was amazing and you can read more about her experience here.

It was during that time that Jewel was blessed by the group NCCS, The National Children’s Cancer Society. Because of her sons illness, he had to be hospitalized for close to a year. "It was a long battle. I couldn’t work and had no child support, so the NCCS (National Children’s Cancer Society) helped me with my house payments, utilities, gas money, food, you name it. But they also helped emotionally and spiritually, too. I owe the NCCS—and other organizations like it—more than I could ever repay. So I take every opportunity to help them or give back. I don’t think people ever realize how much these charities need our support to help others in time of need until you have been in that situation. I know that I used to sort of frown on the people standing outside of the stores wanting you to donate. I was more worried about how we were going to get food on our table or clothes on our back. But since this happened, I will now be the first one in line to donate. I do as much as I can to help others in my community as well as other communities."

And now, Jewel would like to do even more to help NCCS. Because of Jewel, several artists gathered to create two books full of beautiful art and amazing inspiration, including myself. You can see some of the art from these books in the slide show below that Jewel put together. Now that I have viewed what these books contain, I can guarantee you I will be hoping to win one of these auctions so that I can own one for myself, lol!

Not only will these two altered art books be auctioned off, but so will other works of art from individual artists who have donated both their time and their artwork. But more volunteers are needed to make this event a huge success which will in turn help other parents who are helping their children while fighting an illnesses. If you are an artist and would like to help out with this amazing cause, please visit “Love & Hope for Our Little Angels” An Altered Art Book for NCCS November 15-22, 2009

When will this event be held?

The "Love & Hope for Our Little Angels" Charity Auction Event will be held from November 15-22, 2009 on eBay, user ID etsy_cottage_style (etsy_cottage_style). At that time we will be auctioning off the two books, support banners and other creations from our Etsy Cottage Style members and others.

You can also help by purchasing the beautiful support banner that Jewel created as shown on the top left area of my own blog by clicking here. Proceeds will also go to NCCS. "Purchase as many as you wish for yourself or to give to friends, neighbors, relatives and even your favorite sellers. They are already for sale and will be on sale until November 23rd, 2009. You may place these banners on your blog, in your emails, in your eBay auctions/stores, on your website's or anywhere else that you would like to show your support for such a wonderful cause". The cost is only $5.00.

About NCCS

If you would like to know more about NCCS, please visit their website. Please spread the word and help this organization help those children and families in need. And please mark your calender and come back during the charity auction event to make sure that you help support NCCS. Thank You so much for your help, as it truly means a lot to us! And thank you to Jewel as well for all of her hard work to put this event together.


stephanies cottage said...

you are such aa good person to help your friends !!! hugssssssssssssssss steph

Cassandra said...

What a kind deed thanks for the info!