November 3, 2009

Ink Pad - A Love Affair

I've had so much serious stuff going on in life, I decided that I needed to take a moment to do a silly post that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. For those of you who constantly use ink pads and can't have a paper edge left un-aged, then this is the post for you.

Oh but to have the perfect ink pad. The one that isn't too dark, isn't too light or orange, just the perfect shade of brown to help me add an aged look to all of my paper edges. And just like the love of cupid, as long as you are looking, you just don't find it. But then, right when you least expect it, you find it. Right there in a spot you have searched a million times before. There in the ink isle, the perfect shade of brown.

I remember how excited I was to find you. I couldn't wait to get you home and remove your cellophane wrapper to expose your perfect surface. And then, to apply you and see that perfect edge. A perfect brown on the very edge with a softer glow working it's way into the page. Ah, just what my artwork needed.

We've spent so many wonderful hours together. And those times I couldn't find you, my life just became a mess. The times I have thought, "I can't finish this piece of art without my favorite brown ink pad", frantically searching everywhere for you. Just feeling lost. None of those other brown pads would do. I must have you or no pad at all!

Ah, there it is! Wonderful day! I can do my art with my trusty ink pad.

But sadly, over time, you begin to ware. Your once perfectly smooth surface becomes rough and torn as I must bare down on you more to get that perfect aged effect. And the thoughts in the back of my head that our days together are coming closer to an end. What will I do?

And then it happens. You begin to fall apart and I know with each application, the end is near. There is only so much ink per pad, so many lovely applications to give that perfect aged effect.
Farewell my favorite brown ink pad. Our memories together will always be remembered and I will think of you as I try to achieve that perfect aged effect. Maybe cupid will shoot his arrow again one day, right when I least expect it, and I will find a equally talented ink pad in the ink isle. Thank you for all of your hard work and contributions to my art. You will be missed, oh trusted brown ink pad.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

The first time I've ever read an ode to an ink pad.

Loved it!

Brenda Irwin said...

I can relate to this oh so well... I edge all my papers & books with an ink pad. And it's true- that perfect brown is a big deal:)

stephanies cottage said...

lol LOVED this post!!! hehehhe i tooo have my perfect ink pad!!!have u added rubbing alchole << spell... u can mabey get a little longer out out ur trusty friend!

Jo Archer said...

I am still in search of the perfect brown! I have one too dark, one too yellowy!! Which one has inspired you?

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

yeah, real cute, miss rhonda......don't tell us which is the perfect brown! LOL

and, i've tried many, many ways to reach you - phone messages on your home phone, emails, m.a. ning messages and now blog post comment.
i feel like a stalker.

give me a call? i need to make sure you're okay - 830-459-2168

don't make me come over there.
(are you scared? ROTF).

love you, Jan

Terri Gordon said...

Rhonda, I can't believe I have the same thing, my favorite brown ink is the little set of Martha Stewart, but I have to buy the whole set and never use the other colors, I wish she sold a large brown pad, but I have not found it. Please, Please tell us what you use. I have looked and looked.

Terri said...

A lovely remembrance for a truly good friend!

Rhondamum said...

See, I knew others would understand this love affair. Actually, I was working the other night when I realized my ink pad was done (haven't tried the alcohol trick, thanks!) I thought, "farewell ink pad". Then I thought it would make a funny post, so I did it because I needed a little humor.

And for those of you who are wondering, I really like the brown pads from stampabilities. I found them at Hobby Lobby and they are dirt cheap, only $2.99 and are often 40 - 50% off. When brand new, I do have to be a bit careful. There is a web site as well

VersaMagic's Jumbo Java comes in at second place, lol.

Becs said...

Lol Rhonda, I have been using my flaking and drying ink pad too! I have two or three favorites, Jumbo Java is one of them...Loved your post! Becs

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Ahh i relate i relate,the love of my life is a coffee ink pad and i dread our parting.Your work as always is impeccable.
hugs my friend

Thespa said...

I am a paper edge distressing maniac and I used to be able to sympathize with you until I found Ranger Distress inks by Tim Holtz. Their ink pads have a very nice fabric and felt top (no foam) that lasts and lasts. They have several different shades of brown that are very nice and if you add water to them they don't turn five shades of blue. Wooopie! The best thing about them is that they have bottles of their ink you can buy to reink the stamp pads (yes they really last that long) (which also means you can mix your own custom brown colors!) Oh Yeah! Anyway, you're stash is so filled out you probably have these already but perhaps you may not have thought to mix their reinkers to make your own brown. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thespa said...
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Heather said...

I have the same problem! I can NOT for the life of me find the same one. I have sooo many brown ink pads trying to find that perfect brown color. No such luck here either. It looks possible that we have had the same one. Mine looks the same with the same clear top. Well if I find that PERFECT one...I will let you know.

Mandi said...

My favorite brown ink pad has literally shrivelled up and the brand unrecognizable! I adore it so... Stampabilities is second fav, glad to know you think so too! You have to be careful, not too much ink...not too has to be juuuust right!