July 17, 2009

Oh How I Love To Treasure Hunt!

I love a good day of treasure hunting with my mom. On a recent "hunt" we ventured out with my oldest daughter (who also loves to treasure hunt) to find some new spots. We visited an old favorite as well. Here are some of the goodies that I found.

I love old playing cards of any kind. I especially love the old Rook cards (the one with the crow) and they were so cheep I went for it, horse cards and all.

I had my eye on these babies for a while now. At 50% off, I knew they were mine!

I have been wanting some old post office box doors for a long time but never found any that my wallet could afford. These were on sale so I purchased two for use in an altered art project. I am still exploring ideas on how I want to use them.

I enjoy souvenir spoons all grouped together (sorry the pic is sideways). My favorite one is from Paris, but I want more with the Eiffel tower. I only purchase the spoons from places I have visited, like these from England and Japan. The stork spoon engraved with, "Congratulations" is unique and since I am a mother I thought it was justifiable.

Odd metal pieces of any kind are a must for me.

My obsession with vintage jewelry is going to get me into trouble. It is like shoes and purses, I just can't get enough. If I could include a piece on every piece of artwork that I made then I would.

A new obsession is frozen Charlotte dolls. Granted, these are not FCD, but the little guy wrapped up on the right caught my eye and the vendor had the other two as well. It is made out of celluloid (spell?). I want to make some art using all of these types of dolls which is still a work in progress in my mind.

So now on to some items that were interesting that I didn't buy or could afford to buy for that matter. The picture above fascinated and creeped me out at the same time. I love old photos like these and wonder about the people and the lives that they led. However, I don't like knowing that at times they took pictures of their dead loved ones. Especially when it is children. Which reminds me, I never purchase old shoes. When I see just one shoe for sale it makes me think twice.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this piece. I think about the person that used to sit here writing letters. The clothes they wore and how life was during that time. This piece had so many neat cubbies within the whole surround. Just beautiful.

I haven't seen many sets in this pretty color before. If I didn't have little ones I might just have purchased this. Cause Lord knows I need another item to collect- lol.

And finally, an item for my friend Tristan at Enchanted Revelry. He is an amazing man, artist and his blog is one of my favorites. You would benefit from paying him a visit and I know you would have a good laugh or two while you were there. He had done a post which included several comments about the below item. Tristan, if I had the money to buy this beauty and send it to you I would. But here is a picture just for you. It's the thought that counts, right?

They just don't make things like they used to. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


Kathy McElroy said...

What cool finds. I love your blog background.

Kathy said...

Some good finds, as always. That photo is creepy, I would LOVE to have it. lol You know me! And the old shoes, so funny, I RUN to buy them...if they are cheap enough.
Boo~ from the creepy couple in the photo.....

Carolyn said...

Love the photo of you in your creative space Rhonda !!

You found some really good items - love the small dolly`s and the bling - but those post office doors ! I`ve not seen anything like them !! Now what could you do with those ??

Hope you`re enjoying your weekend !

Love ya !


Jan Thomason said...

First, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the art in your new blog header.
My, you're quite accomplished:)

And, the mailbox fronts??
Give me a hint as to what you're going to do with them. I have an idea, but could use some more ideas.
Oh, I have four of them and there they sit.....

Thanks for the really nice things you said in your comment post on my twitter post.
I have thought of compiling some of my short stories that are humorous, but nah, then what would y'all read on blogger? LOL

always thinkin' of ya.

Julia said...

Great finds! I especially love the jewelry and the metal tag. The post office box doors are pretty cool, too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with them. Have fun playing with all the goodies! Julia

Tristan Robin said...

great finds! you're an uber-fine shopper!