June 3, 2009

Things Are Getting Back To Normal

I once had someone tell me that they loved reading my blog and the many adventures that I wrote about. I feel like I have lost that person in recent months, but I think she might be coming back now.

I am feeling much, much better and I just want to thank all of you for your comments and for all of the support that my many blogging friends have given me. It means the world to me and just proves again why this blogging world can be so rewarding.

Many of you have asked about mom. She is doing well, although she is nervous about her upcoming mammogram. It's been a year since she was diagnosed with breast cancer but we are so blessed that it was caught early and she made it out of a tough situation. I just pray that the cancer stays away. On that note, remember to check the girls! EARLY DETECTION IS SO IMPORTANT! And if you haven't had a mammogram yet then please do. It really is no biggy and I am getting ready to schedule my second one. (You are reading this for a reason. There is no such thing as a coincidence).

My amazing husband is busy, busy, busy, as usual. But after his current project, he will hopefully be able to take some time off so that we can go somewhere for some sun and fun. He also has to schedule his leg procedure and we will just have to pray that everything goes okay. If we could only get him "out of the weeds"!

My oldest is doing SO MUCH BETTER! The Psychologist will be meeting with the school to let them know all about her little mind and how it works. She is such a smart little booger. It will be nice to have things modified for her in the classroom. It just goes to show that those standardized tests don't really tell you anything about a child. And as a former teacher, it is so hard for me not to look at what schools do and wonder why so many are completely clueless. I'm blessed that I have found what works for my girl.

I think one of the hardest things I have had to deal with concerning her ADHD is her behavior. Oh my gosh! It was really bad there for a while and SO HARD for me to remain calm during her fits. But I have been reading up on things and recreated an old technique I used in my classroom years ago. It is like night and day in just over a week. Now it is my youngest that is not making good choices. But she is also at an age where she is testing us. Her biggest thing is just not doing what she is told. But even she is getting better.

It's funny how life works sometimes. The things I studied in school are the things that I am dealing with in life. And what I used to think I knew about kids before I had kids, is completely different.

So, off to finish some long over due work in the yard. It's a jungle out there! Have a great afternoon and I will be back soon to share some more art and stories!


Tristan Robin said...

What a nice chatty post - I feel like we just sat down over a cup of martinis, er, tea.

love the new blog look!

Abbie said...

Hi Lady,
Glad to hear that things are working out.. sometimes it takes due diligence and time... My hubby has been in a cardiac unit for two days now. They think either he was going to have a heart attack (caught REALLY early) or that he has an infection in his heart. Either way it's been completely crazy in my little world. I have been with him of course, but the house is getting out of control with laundry, phone messages and such. I know they'll wait, it would just be nice to know what's wrong so they can fix it. Ah well.. I hope that you are marvelous, enjoy your garden! (and your girls!)

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Rhonda...I am sooo happy that things are working for you...you are truly an awesome gal...you have been in my thoughts and in my prayers...wow its really pouring here in Jersey sounds like the sky open up and let down buckets of rains - too funny...well I'm going to call it a night they say that when its raining its good sleeping weather - lets keep our fingers cross...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Peace & Luv 2 U Marlene

Carolyn said...

Hey R...
glad to see you post and tell us the news update for us.It sounds like you`re geting back finally to your old self - i`ve missed you !
Great to hear that you`re getting what you need for Abigail and that you kept your cool when she was "misbehaving" - i`m not sure if i`d have had that patience like you !
I can`t believe a year has passed with your mom ! It`s gone by so quickly ! I`ll be thinking of her for her upcoming mammogram and pray that it is clear .Send her my best wishes to her - won`t you .

Like the new blog look too - and the photo at the bottom of you and Brandon ! Did you see the linky i emailed you with them in yet ?

Love and miss !


Robin said...

So happy to hear life is settling out and all is looking bright. I've missed your posts. And speaking of your posts....I see you again have changed your design layout....and once again, as lovely as you.
I pray for your mother....thinking positively about her upcoming mammogram....got my finger and toes all crossed just for extra measure.
I'll add an extra prayer for your husband.
And best of all it is so good to hear all is headed for rainbows and sunshine (sure, a little turbulence maybe a little lightning) but your girls have you to get them through.

Have a most beautiful day.