February 10, 2009

Thoughts From The Surgery Waiting Room

I really don't like hospitals. But then again, who does? I think of all of the germs I am surrounded by as I sit in this waiting room. Good thing I have my hand sanitizer and my husbands laptop. My husband is having a procedure done today to see if he would have phantom pain in his leg if he had an amputation. He has suffered for many years from chronic pain and has been in a constant battle with the effects of injuries for over a decade now. He is one tough cookie though and an example of what a true man is, never complaining, providing for his family and playing with his children like he is a child himself. He amazes me on a daily basis. Please keep him in your prayers.

So, now I sit in this waiting room and what a perfect chance to pop by my blog and say hello and also check on some friends. I have been moving my studio into our upstairs master so that my husband doesn't have to walk up the stairs as much. My daughters love it because there is enough room to put their desks in back to back. We have all been enjoying the new room and creating. I like having them with me and I love to encourage their creativity as well. I feel a little misplaced at the moment though because my studio looks like it was hit by a hurricane.

Tomorrow is the "Valentine Ball" for my oldest. Although cute, I think it is kind of ridiculous for a public school to ask students to "wear their Sunday best" in one breath and ask for clothes donations in another. And it isn't the first time they have done this. I used to work at a private school, and we would never have done the things that this public school is asking. I also have to send in money for this elaborate shindig, come by for the festivities and go by the school this afternoon to decorate my daughter's desk as a surprise. I have no problem doing these things, however, I constantly think of the student whose family is struggling to make ends meet that can't do any of these things and the continued disappointment of the child. It really frustrates me.

I have so much going on, oh my! This weekend is my oldest daughter's birthday as well. She is a Valentine baby and we are going to have a mother/daughter day at the mall. She chose this over having a birthday party at a bounce/chuckiecheese/bowling party. That made me feel really good. I always give her the choice. Last year, it was a weekend away, or a party at Chuckie Cheese. The year before that, it was the bounce house or a new playground. When I was a little girl, we had a few friends over for a slumber party. Now, you have to give an invitation to every member of the class if you pass them out. I support that, because I don't want to leave anyone out or hurt feelings, but I am also glad that my daughter chooses to do something for the family, etc. instead of me blowing wads of money on children that she isn't the best of friends with.

When my husband first proposed to me many years ago (long story) he decorated my entire condo with streamers and balloons. It has been a tradition ever since. Whoever has a birthday, even Mama & Papa, wakes to a house full of fun decor. I love this tradition. So that will be what I am doing late Friday night.

Next week I am excited because it is my French blogging event. For two days, participants can post pics of their own favorite French items (Eiffel towers, ephemera, Maire Antoinettes, french themed goodies, etc.) and we can all visit one another and see what brings other bloggers joy. If you would like more info, just click on the link to the upper left. To participate, just stop by my blog on those days and add your direct link. Not just a link to your blog, but if you were to click on your blog's title that day you could copy and paste the link and it would take visitors directly to that post. Feel free to join in on just one or both days.

I have really rambled on here, haven't I? Must be because I am alone in a hospital waiting room with neither daughter by my side. Funny how I always miss them when they are not with me. Even on days when they are driving me crazy and I want a break. As soon as I get that break, I can't wait until they are with me again. I'm so blessed! Have a great day!


Kathy said...

I must be better at blogging. I rushed over here when I saw your facebook post of the hospital, to see what was going on.
I miss talking to you and promise to visit more!
Thinking of you all...

Carolyn said...

Sending good wishes to your Chuck -
i`ll be thinking of you ..

I hope everything turns out how you want and be better for his constant pain he has to deal with daily - you know i would be there with you - if i could .

i`ll be in touch soon - about the robins for you



Jan Thomason said...

I think we might have been separated at birth except i think i'm a heck of a lot older than you! we think alike on so many levels and all of your thoughts in this post about school were right on! you could have been parroting me! Me? I'm just sorry i didn't make more noise to the right people to change some of the things i thought were hurtful to children, so don't be afraid to speak up *to someone that will listen and do something*.

and, prayers for your DH.
as a sufferer of chronic pain myself for many, many years, I can appreciate how he choses to live his life while in pain. He sounds like my kind of guy! Blessings to you both.
Can I do anything?? Anything at all to help either of you?
I wish we lived closer.

And, last but certainly not least, I have a couple of awards for you on my blog. So, stop on over and grab them or at least appreciate them because I didn't just pick your name out of a hat - you deserve these, sweet friend.

xoxo, jan

Unknown said...

My prayers are with you!

Marlis said...

Praying for you and yours. As far as the school thing goes.. I have been there and I spent more making sure everything was there for those who couldn't. having been a room mother for both of my boys for years brings all this back... Take care and best wishes.

Jennie said...

Hey Rhonda,
Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your family is in my prayers. I hope treatment can be identified for your husband to relieve his pain.

High hopes to you,

Celestial Charms said...

My prayers are with you and your husband. Hope things work out for the best.

Connie said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog!
I will keep you and your husband and your family in my prayers. I hate hospitals!
connie williams

Alice Grace said...

Your husband is in my prayers. What a great way to spend those long hours of waiting at the hospital, with the laptop!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Rhonda.....
I just stopped by to get info for the French event tomorrow and spotted your posting. I do so hope all has gone well and that the future holds all the best for you and your husband.
Take care and beautiful day to you and yours.
Robin xoxo

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I've just been lost in your blog reading and lookin' and reading some more! I love OLD french things myself!
How is your husband?