February 6, 2009

Long Time, No Post

It started with a low light,
next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed,
And then they took my blood type.
It left a strange impression in my head.

Oops, sorry... still have The Killers on my mind. But since my last post, I do feel a bit like a space man took me from the planet. No worries though, I am back.

My week has been crazy and I seem to be behind on a few things. On Monday, we got snow. A lot of snow for East TN. When the schools didn't close, I decided on my own that I was going to get my children. It was crazy, trying to drive on those icy roads. I couldn't even get up the large hill to pick up my youngest. Long story short, they were out of school for two more days. Needless to say, it's been busy, busy, busy.

Next, I found even more amazing Networks to join that I still need to share with you. I have really gotten into the Marie Antoinette group and have joined several swaps with some amazing artists. I am so excited to push myself in areas where I have not traveled before.

I guess these sideways photos go along with the way my brain feels at the moment. Above is a 4x4 collage that I did for a swap. I really like how it came out and love the vintage trim that I used on it.

And this sideways pic is of my Itty Bitty Vintage Valentine page. Each one has a silver heart charm tied onto it. It took forever, especially with 30 to complete, but was well worth it. Every IB book I receive is magical to me.
So, if I'm not busy enough, I decided to go ahead and move my "studio" upstairs. I don't know why I still have trouble calling it that and trouble with calling myself an artist. You would think I had proven that to myself by now.
My husband might be having some major surgery on his leg soon. It will mean he will be out of commission for two plus months. We purchased our home so that we could have a master on the main floor, but put our master upstairs in the large master bedroom with vaulted ceilings. Plus, we have a king size bed so a lot of room is needed for that. Well, now we are going to have the master downstairs, which will be much better for him, and we are going to use a queen size bed instead.
It will be great for my amazing husband, but also great for my daughters as well. There will be more room for them to work while I am, and I can even move their desks into the room. They are so excited. It is going to become a "princess palace" up there, I think. It will be a nice thing for them if their Papa does have this procedure done. And I ask that you all keep him in your prayers for a bit, that he will have success in whatever decision is made.
I hope that you are all doing well. I have been stopping by blogs, but not commenting as much. My computer has been in a bit of a funk. But know you are loved and thought about and I hope to touch base with you all soon! Have a great weekend!


Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Oh Rhonda the palace sounds lovely and good luck with your husbands surgery,when life throws you mud make mud pies hey (or princess palaces).Those itty bitt pages are gorgeous mine too took an age sghould be a wonderful book lol cant wait for it.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Love it all Rhonda. How exciting to have a pink palace. Can't wait to see pictures. Keep us posted on your Hubby. hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I will keep your husband in my prayers and I hope all goes well.


Summer Gypsy said...

I've missed your posts! I'm keeping your husband in my prayers. Take care. Lots of hugs sent your way!