October 3, 2008

Just A Quick Hello

Oh my goodness! After a wonderful anniversary date with my amazing husband, I began to think I was coming down with something. Well, I did. I laid on the couch all day on Tuesday, and have been feeling really bad. My house that had FINALLY been so clean is now a mess again and I just feel like I am behind on everything. I have so many wonderful people and swaps to post about, so hopefully I will get caught up soon.

I went to the doctor today and I have a combination of things, including the goop that is going around, and suffering from some allergy problems as well. I have nasal spray, allergy pills and antibiotics to take and hopefully they will take effect soon so I can get back ahead of the game.

On a happy note, mom is officially done with her radiation treatments. I am behind on her thank yous too, so please forgive me. She has several radiation burns, but medicine to use and some helpful words from the amazing Sherry at Esprit * d'Art. Thanks Sherry! Mom is now doing another necessary treatment that I don't know enough about to explain, and is expected to feel like crap for about ten weeks. But hey, hopefully she has kicked cancers butt.

We were talking today about this journey and she was telling me how proud she was of me and how helpful I, and many of you, have been. Fact is, I am really proud of myself. I can be such a drama queen at times, and I feel that I have really handled her breast cancer well. I didn't dwell on it, or worry about her once we knew what was going on more. Granted, I have had lots of ups, and some major downs, but overall I think I did really well in supporting both of my parents.

So, off for now but I hope that you all have a fabulous, fall weekend with lots of wonderful, peaceful, creative moments.


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Sherry said...

Take good care of you Rhonda...I've been down and out all week and rest and liquids are most helpful!

Glad to hear your mom is done with the radiation and whatever she's having now -- she's weather that too!!

As for you -- crisis like this shows us who we really are, what we are really made of and it gives us gifts we might never otherwise have learned or discovered.