October 6, 2008

Just For Fun - Create Your Own Seal

Can you tell I have been sick? I have been spending a lot of time on my blog and on other's as well. I found out about this cool site where you can make your own seal at Funky Art Queen. Her blog is great and I just purchased some fabulous art work from her etsy shop.
If you want to create a seal for yourself, just go here:
Have a great day!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hope you're feeling better, soon!! Praying...

Love the Seal. Check my right side-bar for mine! It's for Come To Jesus and Pray on Tuesdays!


miss magpie-pixie said...

Your seal looks great Rhonda !

thanks for sharing this cool site - i`ll have to take a peak at it !


Jules said...

Thanks Rhonda loved this seal site and i am glad its free lol
i love my seal i chose crimson and the moon face.