October 7, 2008

Birthday Tea Party

First, I would like to say Happy Birthday to Jan over at Jan & Tom's Place. She is throwing a birthday tea party today where everyone can share their own tea party collections.

I have always loved old tea cups with saucers. It began when I was a girl staying with my grandma Betty during summer vacations and visits. Her hutch was covered in so many pieces of beauty and each had a story, and each was from our family. Since her passing, I have acquired several, but there are still so many more.

I had seen this tray on top of my grandmother's kitchen cabinets for years. When I pulled it down, I found out that it had been hand made by my great grandmother Good. She used to make her own china as well and had many social functions in her day. She was part of an orchestra and would have huge parties at her house in New York, which I hope to at least drive by one day. She was also a performer on early radio shows and knew people like Lou Costello and Eleanor Roosevelt. I really miss hearing my Grandma Betty telling those stories.

This green and white set is one that I have several pieces to, including a full tea set as well as dishes, gravy boats, and serving platters. My grandfather gave it to me a few years ago and I have used it on several occasions. It's just nice to have all of those extra pieces for a large gathering.

This is a unique pot because it actually plugs in to stay warm. I have the cord, but am too nervous to use it.

This is a unique piece as well because it has a wind up music box inside. When you lift it up it begins to play a little tune. I accidently deleated the picture of it, but it is the one on the bottom left of the first picture. Below is the underside.

I have always loved this little floral salt and pepper shaker. It just makes me feel happy inside.

This set belonged to my Grandma Ann from my father's side. It is another one that I have several serving pieces, plates, bowls, etc.

This black cup is one of my favorites. It doesn't have a saucer, but it is still just so special to me. Others belonged to my grandma Betty as well and I have tried to match some up with lone saucers.

You might notice that family picture in the background. It is from my great grandmother Good's side, her maiden name was Morris.

It was this side of my family that lived in Punxsutawney, PA and they had something to do with a yearly event that takes place every year, when a little animal peaks it's head out of the ground. It is also this family that ties me to The Declaration of Independence (Lewis Morris). This side of my family has a very interesting history, needless to say.

This one I have just the full tea set. It was one of the first sets that was passed down to me.

This is just part of a lamp that my grandmother Betty owned. There were two of them, and the other one was a man. We have no idea what happened to him, but she is safe with me.

And finally, one that screams Rhonda! It wouldn't be a collection without an Eiffel tower. This one, however, was not passed down. It was just found on eBay.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will come and have tea with me again soon.

Happy Birthday Jan and thank you for having me!



Jan and Tom's Place said...

I am having such fun, viewing everyone's "pretties" and reading their stories and history!! Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday with me!!


Patricia said...

What a beautiful collection of china and tea pots. A lovely tea and thanks very much for having me visit.

Melissa Wertz said...

What a beautiful collection and such beautiful memories! Thank you for sharing.

rosechicfriends said...

What wonderful memories and such a lovely collection! Of course I love anything Tea related, esp..Teapots and Cup/Saucers!


Shirl said...

Hello, I'm still making my Tea Party visits. What a beautiful tea party your having and such sweet memories.
BLessings, SHirl
Shirls Rose Cottage