October 29, 2008

Some Of My Latest Work

Here are some things I have been working on in my studio. The first is my contributing page for the Love & Hope for Our Little Angels - Etsy Cottage Style book that will be auctioned off for the National Children's Cancer Society. Several artists have joined together to create this one of a kind book. I wouldn't mind bidding on it myself because the art work I have seen by other artists, so far, is amazing.


I also spent some "me time" making another piece for the ECS Fun Friday Challenge. The theme was to use a hat, or a picture of a hat, in any way that you wanted. I found this adorable picture posted by freeparking on flickr and he gave me permission to use it. After I found it, the whole thing just flowed together and I just love it when that happens! There is a copy from an old photo that I have and an old advertisement for hats. I also used some of my favorites, old buttons, lace, playing cards and more. I really like the way it turned out.

I think it is kind of funny, because it says, "Smile, if you love your hat". But, no one is smiling. Why was everyone so serious back then?

I am excited to say that Sherry and Carolyn have invited me to post the next Fun Friday Challenge. I am really excited to do this. Stop on by if you would like to see what idea is up my sleeve.
Have a great one! Off to watch Ghost Hunters - BOO!


Jenny S said...

Great art! I have no talent when it comes to things like that!! I just love looking and imaging doing something so neat!!

Sherry said...

Your pages are beautiful and filled with love and with whimsy for those hats! Looking forward to the challenge on Friday!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Love them both Rhonda, and what a wonderful cause. Big Hugs, Nancy

Abbie said...

As Always Rhonda, your work is just lovely! You put your soul into each piece and I think it is just beautiful!

Kathy said...

Beautiful work Rhonda!
I watched Ghost Hunters to last night, I would LOVE to go with them. I am a big fan of "steve" (?), the tattooed one. I love his spirit, and he is so darn funny. Afraid of almost everything...but loves ghost hunting. We could be soul mates!!!!