October 27, 2008

A Day Of Pink For Deena

Today is a day of pink for Deena at Can I Be Pretty In Pink. Today, it has been one year since Deena's breast cancer diagnosis. But, she is a fighter and still fighting for this cause as well. You can visit other pink places today by giving Deena a visit. And even more importantly, you can help Deena by making a contribution to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I thought that today would be a good day to share my Itty Bitty Pink pages. The group made this book in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each participant makes several of the same page and then we send all of our pages to one host. This book has been made by Mary Ann and she will then send each of us our own copy of the book with everyone's art work to see. The best part about this book, is not only all of the love and support that has been put into it, but we made an extra book to be auctioned off, and the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research. It makes us all particularly proud of this Itty Bitty Book.

This is the front of my page. I love how it turned out and it's message to...

Be Sure To Check The Girls

And even more importantly is the message on the back of my page. That early detection saved my mom's life. Many of you know that my mom has been battling breast cancer, and is hopefully going to be putting this horrible road behind her. She is doing well, still very tired and feeling horrible from her treatments, but so happy that her treatments are over. If my mom didn't have her yearly mammogram, she would never have known she had breast cancer. She would not have even been able to feel it through a self exam, and that is where I feel women should be educated.
I always thought, until this happened to my mom, that I didn't need to worry about a mammogram. My breasts are so flat, I thought I would feel if something was wrong during that rare month that I decided to do a self exam. Well, I was SO WRONG. It, the cancer, can be so tiny you would never be able to feel it. The only way you would know it was there would be to have a mammogram. Well, I am happy to say that I had my first one and it was no big deal at all. And, I will be having one every year, for the rest of my life! Early detection is KEY! And thankfully, my mom had herself checked out.
And speaking of mom... Here is the front of her Itty Bitty Pink page. It says, "Even Mermaids Love Pink". She has really enjoyed making these books during her battle with cancer. It was very therapeutic, to just get lost in her creation.

And here is the back of her page. It says, "Home Sweet Home" because this beautiful shell, obviously, is the mermaid's home.

I love how my mom's page turned out. I am really proud of her, not only because of her page. But for how strong and positive she has remained throughout her ordeal. We really stuck together as a family to take care of this. I just pray now that at her next check up she will be cancer free. Please keep her and all of those suffering from cancer in your prayers.
You can also check out the many shops that have "Shop For The Cure" items. If you visit this site, it will take you to Sherry's shop and she has gathered an amazing group of ladies together who have items for sale with proceeds going to help with breast cancer research. You will find links to those shops from Sherry's page.
So, I hope that those of you reading this will take care of yourselves. Be sure to visit Deena today and all of the other women who have joined her. What a wonderful, caring community we have here to learn, gain strength and encouragement and to be amazing women. God bless you all. Now, go and schedule that mammogram!


Abbie said...

You adn your momma are such talented ladies! I'm glad to hear that all the treatments are over, and she can start to heal, inside and out! Sending lots of energy adn good vibrations her way!
Oh, I just love the pages that you and your mom made. Just lovely!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wonderful pages...and my mammogram is this afternoon! ;)

Jenny S said...

Great pages!!Glad your mom is doign well and she is in my thoughts!! Always!

Betzie said...

Such pretty pages...hope your mom continues to do well Rhonda! Nice that you are fighting right alone with her!
Keep the faith...
betzie :)

miss magpie-pixie said...

Gorgeous pages both of you - and i love your moms idea - very unique !

Btw - i tried the mixwit on my blog - to try it out - go see when you have time ! it`s so easy to do !

love to you all in TN


i posted your pressie today ;o)

Sherry said...

What a lovely book and a lovely idea...and your thoughts are true...early detection, be aware of your body and remember that breast cancer is only one part of life -- there are so many more wonderful aspects to life...we deal with this but we needn't let it take over...the other beautiful message from your post is the bonding and the working together...supporting one another. There are some wonderful messages that come from something as ugly as breast cancer!

Lynn said...

Love all your pink pic's Rhonda, and both your's and moms pages are soooooo sweet :) What a great thing to do.