September 7, 2008

Update On Mom - Week Three of Radiation

Hello to you all! Again, Mom wants to thank all of those who have sent her get well cards and gifts. It has really helped her thought this challenging time. If you haven't placed my button "A Card A Day For Lynn" on your blog, please consider doing so. I really want to get some more cards heading her way and any ideas you might have I would REALLY appreciate. They just do so much for her, and I am grateful.

Mom is getting ready to start, I think her third week of radiation. It is really making her tired and her skin is really bothering her. I feel so bad for her. She doesn't feel like doing much of anything, but I am so grateful to God for her survival and her road to hopefully beating cancer.

The doctors really wanted her to try Chemo because the cancer was so close to her chest wall. Even her closest doctors that know her medical history urged her to try the oral type and said she could always stop if it really made her sick. I urged her to try as well, but I can't force her. She has to follow her own gut, but I fear what might happen down the road if the cancer does come back in another spot, and worse another spot in her body where it isn't as detectable. So, pray, pray, pray please. She needs those prayers.

I know she will get through this and she is keeping her sense of humor over all. She is addicted to these itty bitty books we have been doing and it has really helped to divert her attention so that is great. She is even doing the itty bitty pink book in honor of breast cancer month, October. Keep a watch out because one of these beautiful books will be auctioned off to help the cause. Way to go Mary Ann!

On another note, the picture above, the banner I made for my blog, are pictures of my girls when they were younger. I just love them both, the pictures and my girls as well, of course. Thanks to Caz for always inspiring me and for her compliments on my work.

Off to play at the park with both girls and my husband, which I am so thankful for. My oldest fell on Friday, right in front of me, and all I could think was, "Oh, my gosh, she almost nailed her face on that cedar chest" just to have her turn and look up at me. She did just that, nailed her poor little face right on the cheek bone. She now has a swollen black eye and I just feel so bad for her. My mom told me that I did the same thing, on the same cedar chest, when I was a girl. I had two black eyes and I don't remember any of it. I don't think I will be passing that chest on to either girl because I fear the way things come in threes and if I am blessed enough to have grandchildren one long, long day from now, I don't want to jinx them!

Have a great week and check back soon for the huge giveaway I will be having with not one, but two winners!

God Bless!



Lynn said...

Hi Rhonda, it is good to hear about your mom, I hope though that the radiation doesn't make her too tired.
I am going to send her another card, or maybe an ATC this time :)
May God send his healing power of Grace to your mom Lynn.

Kathy said...

Hey sweetheart...
Good to hear an update from you on Mom. I will get another card out to her as well. Hey check out my blog, maybe tonight I will get it posted. I have a wonder piece to show off that I bought that is right up my alley and yours...and a new book to share. Just in time for Halloween!!!! boo to you!

Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!
As each day passes, that is one day closer she is to feeling better! It's nice to hear that she is 'keeping her chin up.' Such strength she must have!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Big hugs for all of you my dear friend !

thanks for the update on your mom , and i`m glad she has something to else to think about - in a crafty way to do for herself .It will take her mind off it for a while .
I`ll see about making something else for your mom too - and hope she gets the first one i posted - i`ll be so disappointed it if has got lost - or worse !

keep positive all of you -
and i`m thinking of you all


Sherry said...

I so understand your worry that if your mother doesn't do chemo the cancer might turn up elsewhere. But you are right to let your mother make the ultimate decision. You could find that she changes her mind and says "okay" but her instincts will be driving her on this.

Is she afraid of how it will make her feel? Part of her inability to perhaps make a thorough decision at this moment is the fatigue from the radiation. As her strength returns she may feel differently. Sometimes having to make all these decisions is just too overwhelming.

Rhonda, if she's feeling fear over the effects from the chemo let me know and I'll talk to her about it. Much of the sick feeling is psychosomatic...some is very real. But the medications they have no to combat those reactions is amazing.

Thinking of you all and sending up prayers as always! ♥

Jules said...

Your mum must be a special lady cause she has raised such a sweet daughter so she is already blessed.Prayers always with you and i will put a button on my blog for her.just super loving them side bars and that eiffel tower cursor -now thats class !