September 3, 2008

My Amazing Mussie Tussies From Jules

I have always loved mussie tussies, so I was very excited when I heard about this swap through the flickr group Vintage Ephemera Swap. I LOVE this group, and I LOVE vintage ephemera. I have never made a mussie tussie, but was thrilled to learn and even more thrilled when I found a great new friend through this swap. Her name is Jules and she is from "Down Under" and I already feel like I have known her for years. You should pay her a visit at Whimsical Notions.

After chatting, and getting to know more about one another, we found out we had a lot in common. We decided to do one small Halloween tussie, and one with the theme of birds, nests, and eggs. Now Jules loves to make tussies and does an excellent job doing so. She must be a reincarnated Victorian woman. Check out the fabulous tussies I received and the goodies. I felt like it was Christmas morning and stayed parked on my steep driveway because I had to see in the box IMMEDIATELY!

Check out the loot!
I love vintage playing cards.
These witch tickets and wand are adorable!

And she even threw in this Eiffel tower, and we all know how Rhonda loves her Eiffel towers!
Beautiful! Birds and eggs and feathery goodness all over!
I love these vintage cards and the tag that hangs from the tussie!
Fact is, I love it all!

I love the golden bird that peeks out from within.

Even the inside was decorated.

These are some wonderful extras that Jules added.
Oh, oh... I know about this one too well when it comes to my studio and the ephemera I am obsessed with!

This is an extra treat that she made just for me. She also sent one to my mom as well as a "pick me up" for A Card A Day For Lynn. I am still looking for more people to send mom cards. Just follow the link on the top right for more info, or leave me a post with your email address so I can send you the info. And thank you so much Jules for thinking of mom. She LOVED your gift!
So, I've said it before and I will say it again. I am addicted to swaps! I love getting these wonderful surprises in my mailbox, but even more then that is I love the amazing friends I have made along the way. I look forward to learning more about Jules, and we have already decided to keep each other after the swap. Her package of tussies is on it's way and I hope she loves it as much as I loved mine!
Thanks for visiting and have a great day, or night if you are in Australia!


Genevieve said...

hello! COuld you please email me your full name address and email addy so that I may gice this to your partner for the WWS thankS! G

Jules said...

Aww thanks for the nice words

Jules said...

P.S i am stealing a few pics i forgot to take photos