September 18, 2008

My Adventures With Mom & An Update

Mom is officially half way through her radiation treatments. She is hanging in there and glad to know that the tiredness and other symptoms that she is having are normal at her stage of treatment. I called her while out with my youngest and I could tell she had more energy that day. She was ready to get out and go to one of our favorite stops. Afterwards, we stopped for a funnel cake (oh how I love those funnel cakes) at a new little spot my husband showed me. My oldest took this picture and enjoyed some chocolate dipped ice cream.

Here are my found treasures from my day. Lots of bling to add to my travel round robin books that I am doing (post coming soon), some old buttons (cause I need more buttons - yeah right) some new playing cards to see in my shop and other wonderful old things. It was a fun and quick adventure. Sorry for the sideways picture. I don't know why my blog put it on there like that, but I am not about to start this post all over again.

When we got back to mom's house, she had some goodies waiting from the mail delivery that day. She was so excited, because the cards and such had slowed down, but should be picking up now with more wonderful spirits getting her address to send her some strength. Here she is with some of her wonderful cards and gifts.

I think just about every time I talk to Mom, she tells me to please let everyone know how very thankful she is for your kindness and prayers. She told me, "I don't know how I would have made it through this without all of these cards and prayers. Please let them know, I get my strength and courage from them."

Here she is in her "studio" where she has some of her lovelies displayed here and there. She just loves your cards.

This is a lovely package that she received from Lisa. As she read her card, she just started to cry, and then I got teary eyed. She is just so touched by it all.

This is her bookcase by her chair where she displays some of her cards and gifted art work.

This is a gift from my great new friend Jullie from Whimsical Notions. She is a jewel and I am so glad that God blessed me with her.

And another blessing, my good friend Carolyn from Magpie Pixie. I was taking pictures and realized this was from her and yelped, "Mom, you got your gift from Carolyn and you didn't even tell me". Big sigh of relief!

This is a wonderful card from Marie.

From Carolyn

All of her goodies from Lisa.

I feel so blessed, and so does Mom. We are so thankful to you all for helping her through this tough time. Hopefully her battle with cancer is almost done. I told Mom that as soon as she is done with her radiation treatments and feeling back to "normal" that we were going away for a weekend. My plan is to go somewhere with lots of shops to visit, a nice B&B we can stay in, and a time to celebrate our friendship and lives.

God bless you all!



miss magpie-pixie said...

I`m so glad she got my card Rhonda !

It`s good to see your mom - she looks happy in your photos and proud of all the gifts people have sent her ! It`s nice to put a face to her name - as i haven`t seen her before now .

i hope she gets more - to keep her spirits up , and that you both can go away and spend precious time together .

have a good weekend dear friend

loads of love


Jules said...

So happy your mum is finding strength in everyones well wishes.
I am in the process of making her something else .

Sherry said...

Your mother is looking happy. Tired, but happy. Remember, it's not just the physical aspect of having radiation that is's the emotional toll cancer takes on the body. Time takes care of that healing. And love and lifted spirits keep us going. What a blessing you have in your life Rhonda...sending you both hugs and prayers and happy wishes.

LisaLaughs said...

Thank you for sharing this, Rhonda!! I am so moved by your mom's fight, and your love and strength for her!! May God continue to bless you both!!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Lynn and Rhonda - Funnel cakes??? You lucky girls!

I worked on your book all afternoon, Rhonda. I loved your pages. Now I have to embellishhhhhh! I bought myself a little eiffel tower at an estate sale today - everytime I see one I think of you now! Hope you guys have another good week. Love, Nancy

Carol said...

Hi Rhonda,
thank you the kind comment you left on my blog today! I'd like to send something to your mum too if you'd send me her addy!
Waremst wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany sends you

PaperWhimsy said...

Hi Rhonda - where would I send a card for your mom? Thanks, Gale