September 23, 2008

Another Side To Rhonda

I chat about a lot of things here on my blog. But I don't really touch enough on "Rhonda" as an individual. I talk about my projects, my family, and cool swaps and things I find while on my adventures, but not about me as much. Kind of odd, because before I was married I was VERY independent. I knew what I liked, what I wanted to do, and lived life to the fullest. One of my favorite things to do at that time was to go repel off of a waterfall/cliff about 90 minutes from my home. I was getting ready to go sky diving, and really wanted to go BASE jumping. But now that I am a mother, those things are a part of my past. I can still scuba dive and will hopefully go again soon, when there are NO tropical storms moving in. That is a great post that I need to do about one of my adventures with my dad. We have had some great trips together. Anyway, my point is, I don't discuss me as much.

One thing about me that you all don't know a lot about is that I am literally the biggest Killers fan on the entire planet. Seriously, I LOVE this band! You hear people say, "Oh, I just love their music and they changed my life so much". Gosh, I used to laugh when I heard people say stuff like that and I just thought that it was so silly. But now I understand. The Killers music has helped me through some REALLY rough times, like the ugly court battles involving my step children and the times when I feel like I am having a midlife crisis. There is one song that really made me a huge fan and started my love of The Killers. It's called "For Reasons Unknown". When I first heard this song, I just wanted to jump up and dance. I used to dance a lot, out with my friends at clubs, but not anymore. This song brought me back to life, in a way, and I have been a huge fan ever since. Even my girls know all of The Killers songs.

Seriously, I am crazy about The Killers. I have books, magazine articles, records, stickers, t-shirts, I'm in the fan club, have European released Cd's, loads and loads of stuff. Posters, buttons, CD released posters, foreign magazine articles, and I even sent a letter to them. Best part, my husband totally supports me. He even hung out with me after a concert by their tour buses until 2am, just for a chance for me to meet them. He ended up asking a crew member and found out they had gone to their hotel long before. But what a husband to do that for me. I was trying to stay calm the entire time and just breath. "If they come out Rhonda, move slowly, breath".

But what I also like about The Killers is that they aren't your typical rock band. They are really nice guys. They don't raise hell and act like rock stars. They are guys with families, and values, and just love to share their music. When I see them in interviews or on their Victims blog, they just crack me up and are so real. I know I would have so much fun hanging out with them. Oh, I wish...

What brings this all up for me to post about it is that their new song "Human" came out yesterday from their new album "Day & Age" which is coming out November 25Th. It's like a 40Th birthday present to me, because my birthday is on the 7Th. I can't wait to get this new Cd and hope they will be touring America soon. My husband knows that I will be in the front row of my 3rd Killers concert. To hear their new song, click here:

Below are some pictures my husband and I took during the concerts we have been to. They are awesome on stage, and they sound amazing in person!

Here is Brandon Flowers playing guitar on the song "For Reasons Unknown" I believe it is the only one he plays guitar on. Usually he is on the key board.

On the drums is Ronnie Vannucci. He is amazing and I love the expressions he makes while playing. Something that you might not know about me is that I love the drums. So much so, that my husband got me a set one year for Mother's Day. I put on my Killers Cd's and try to play along with Ronnie. At the end of this concert, long story short, I was close to the stage and screamed his name and he actually turned towards me and heard it. Sorry, I told you I was a big fan.

Another cool picture of Brandon. He is so brilliant on stage and just connects with the audience in an amazing way!

I was so close to them at our second concert. It was just incredible!

Here I am before my first Killers concert. I was so excited. During the concert, the cute shoes and the dress shirt came off and I was going crazy. We had a blast!

Here I am at the second concert while they were setting up the stage. I was like, "Oh my gosh, those are Brandon's key boards". And yes, my t-shirt goes to show what a freakin' fan I am. Get it, I'm a Victim, of The Killers. I think it's cute.

I think this picture is so cool, and you can see Mark Stoermer back there on the bass. I love to watch him play too. He is calm and seems so quiet.

And here is guitar player Dave Keuning. Nothing personal Dave - Dave doesn't always look like he is too comfortable to me in photos, but man, once he is on that stage, he is a rock god.

I absolutely LOVE The Killers. I know so much about them all, love what they do, and I am so excited about their new album. I would give anything to meet them. Although I would want to be calm and "cool" I would probably just become a blubbering idiot.

So, be sure to take a listen to their new single, and check them out on the Internet. You can see their videos and hear their music and they might just touch your life the way they have touched mine. You could also cross your fingers for me, that one day I will meet them. Of course, I do love the power of prayer, but know it is a very selfish thing to pray for. Hope you enjoyed learning about another part of me.

Have a "Killer" day!


The biggest fan on the entire planet of The Killers!


Sherry said...

Okay Rhonda, so.... tell us how you "really" feel!! lol!!! ;)

The Killers are a good band. I'm not a fan of anything like this anymore (as you are describing) but I do like their music. They are a band that crosses the generations with no difficulty. My boys like them (from the O.C. days) and I'll sing along and they don't "freak" out (as they do if I sing Nine Inch Nails or some other band they are listening to!!!).

Abbie said...

Hi rhonda!
:) lol! I love their music too, not quite that badly, but alot! :) I am a huge fan of Depeche Mode tho.. but still not to that extreme. Thanks for the heads up about their new album. I LOVE the song.
(oh! I started my blog back up, just in a different spot.. I just couldn't do it. I can't stay away from you ladies!)

miss magpie-pixie said...

many would say - that they`re thee biggest fan of The Killers - but i think you win hands down Rhonda !

I have heard one or two of their songs - and i like them - but DD are still my all time fav - and i guess you can keep Brandon for yourself ! ;o) But if you need a rest from him - you know where to send him !!


My Crafty Little Page said...

That was a "killer" post, Rhonda!!! Loved seeing your pictures.
BTW - I did sign the petition on Lifetime. Thanks for the link - insurance companies - greed, greed greed.
I'm off to Paper Cowgirls today and I'm so thrilled that I'll be meeting some of my blog buddies in PERSON! Love ya, Nancy

Kathy said...

Are you a Killer fan?
Your too funny! You little groupie you!!!!