June 20, 2008

7 Weird & Random Facts Tag

I've been tagged by my french sister, Starrydeborah. Her work is so amazing, and she is on her way to France in just a few months. I don't understand why she can't just put me in her suitcase!

If you are tagged by me then you need to add this to your blog and do the same as I did. If you have been tagged, here is what is requested:1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here goes....

1. I play the drums. I had always wanted to have a set of drums and then a couple of years ago my husband got me a set for Mother's Day. I love to put my headphones on and play along with my favorite tunes, mainly The Killers! I really need to put new drum heads on them and learn to tune them (they sound like crap) but I love to bang away!

2. I have a brother, who lives in the same town as I do, that has NEVER met my children. He kind of disowned us many years ago, as in, my entire family. It used to really upset us all, but we all seem to just shrug our shoulders and say, "oh well" now. I guess he thinks I am still the spoiled daddy's girl that used to drink in college. The weird part is that he still sends us all a Christmas gift every year. Doesn't know his nieces, which I hate for them, well, not really. I just know that they have never done anything to their uncle and he sucks for that, but sending us gifts every year. Strange!

3. I love double salt black licorice. For that matter, any type of salty licorice. Used to be I could only get if from friends who lived in Europe. Then, one year while visiting Carmel, CA I found some. I yelped right there in the store. I was so happy! Now, whenever I so desire, I can pull up their web site and order some. Gotta love modern technology! When my husband and I were in Holland, and I was pregnant with my oldest, I found a shop with all different types and I purchased some of every kind. It was fantastic! I sat there on the bed, sorting through it all and felt like I was bathing in money from wins in Vegas! Love, love, love it!

4. When I visited Paris, all I cared about was seeing Jim Morrison's grave. I have always loved The Doors (not as much as I now love The Killers though) and just always thought his death was such a shame. Did I notice all of the other amazing people in the same cemetery, like Chopin? No! What an idiot! The guard did let me go right up to his head stone and take a picture, which was cool.

5. I'm an ornithologist and have a very long life list. Began during a blizzard one year. I was stuck inside and could pretty much just watch the birds. It was then that I realized how different each one really is. There was one type of Warbler that I could not identify, and that is what led me to the "sport" of bird watching. Any time I go somewhere new, I have to have a bird book for that area. Took forever for my husband and I to find one while in Japan. My favorite is the British Robin. However, I don't care to bird watch as much along the ocean. Too many teeny tiny differences to identify them for me, just a big pain.

6. Here's a silly one.... I love breakfast! I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. My girls love it when I have "Breakfast for Dinner" night. I especially love, what I call, Daddy eggs. They are called that, because it is how my dad always ate them; whites hard and the yellows runny with a toasted English muffin. Delicious!

7. I have known my husband for over 20 years. We dated in college for over five years. We were, and still are, soul mates. We broke up and got back together about a million times. I can laugh about it now. We were even engaged and lived together a couple of times. We broke up one last time, and three months later he got married. Yes, big mistake, rebound, but it did give me two beautiful step children.

Even when we were a part for those few years, I still felt him. There has always been this cord that connects our souls. I remember crying to my Mom, and my Mom crying too, "I'll never have anyone like Chuck". After his divorce, he moved back to the same town. My best friend saw him at the video store and I freaked! I looked up his number and gave him a call. We became "good friends" again, and I would say, "I'm not going to make this happen". After about two months, we both knew that we were still as in love with one another as we had always been. And here we are today. I am very blessed that God brought my Chuck back to me. Sometimes we look at each other and say, "Oh my gosh! We're married!"

So, there are some weird and random facts. I am not going to tag anyone in particular, but know many of you that I would love to read about, especially my new friends. So please, if you can, entertain me and take part. Then let me know that you did your post, like a good blogging friend, and I can laugh at you like you can laugh at me!

Hope you enjoyed my facts!



Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Some nice new Rhonda facts....love the story of Chuck!

Sherry/Cherie said...

True love -- that's a cord that never breaks!! And way to go on playing the drums...awesome!

leavesofgreen said...

Just reading your blog after several days when I stumbled on the posting about your mom. Wanted to let you know that I am a 15 year survivor and still going strong.

Natalea said...

Rhonda, those were some fun and interesting facts! I love reading random facts...it really lets you in! Thanks for sharing Rhonda and also, thanks again for the beautiful French book that is on its way to me!! I can't wait to see it! xo natalea