March 7, 2008

The Wonder of An Old Photo

Today is my third bad day with the flu. Today, I feel the worse yet. The doctor's office told me to just wait it out and not come in because of all that is going around. It is just crazy!

Years ago, my mom and I went to one of our favorite little shops. I saw this picture hanging on the wall. I felt so drawn to it, like I was in the picture somewhere and knew many of the people. I knew without a doubt, and no matter what the price, I had to have it.

I couldn't even tell you how many hours I have spent looking at this photo. I wish I knew anything at all about it, but I don't. Wouldn't it be great if someone out there in blog land did???

I just love to look at this picture. I love the clothes that were worn at this time, especially the children. Little girls wore the biggest bows in their hair. I have a picture of my grandmother with a bow like that, one that is bigger then her head almost. I wish women still wore long skirts too. It would be much more flattering for my JLo behind.

I wonder what these people did on a daily basis, what their life was like and how they all knew one another? And then when you try to picture it all in color, it is just so different. It is hard to not think of the past in sepia tones.

I enjoy looking at the little "groups" of men and women. I wonder what they were talking about, what little secrets or gossip they were speaking about?

Do you see the lad with one foot on the "private property" sign? What property was this? Look at the ladies hat below him. I always think that it looks like there are bunny ears poking out.

And what mischievous things did these little boys get into? The one who is second from the left is so cute. I bet he was a very nice looking man.

I especially feel drawn to these three ladies...

Especially her, maybe I should give her a name. I feel like I knew her and that she was so loving and gave the best hugs and smelled of flowers at times, and her baking at others. I love the way her hair is all braided up and the way she is ever so gentle holding her hands together.

These little girls are the cutest. I especially love the big bow, the twist of her little toes in her shoes, and the way the other little girl looks so bored.

I wonder what this young man is pondering about? Is he thinking about turning around backwards or doing something to the gentleman in front of him who has his hands as if in ownership on his girl?

I love the hats of all these men. Why did men stop wearing hats as much?

Is this the little rug rat who runs around pulling on the cat's tail? Is this the little boy that everyone knows has to be watched like a hawk, with an assigned grownup, so that he doesn't ruin the picture? Is that why this man is knelling down beside him? Hmmmm, I wonder....


Summer Gypsy said...

I love old photos,too, Rhonda. When I taught creative writing a few years ago, my favorite assignment was to give the students a photo. They created a diary from the photo that told a bit about the person's life. Everyone loved doing that assignment. I didn't want to give them back because they were always so good!!! Oh, I need your email addy so I can send my mailing addy to you for your altered tin!!! April is fast approaching. Blessings,Marilyn

Jeanne said...

Rhonda, this photo is so great. I love how you zoomed in on some of the people. It is fun to think about the individual people, what they are thinking and what was going on in their lives at the time the photo was taken. I wonder if someone in the future will look at our family group photos with the same curiosity?