March 25, 2008

Weekend Finds & A Childhood Story

I love a good day out searching for treasures. Here are a few of my finds that I found over the weekend.

It's not a vintage bird cage, but it comes in very handy for storing all of my little birdies.

I have hung it from the ceiling in my studio with a piece of pretty ribbon. Very wide and sturdy ribbon to carry it's weight.

A neat little box to store some crafty item in. It has a horse drawn carriage on top.

I'm not one to collect salt and pepper shakers, but these just looked neat to me and they were 50% off. I have clear ones for glitter and such but these will just be a pretty for my room.

You can't tell, but these birds actually are layered for a 3-D effect. I just love them and figured I could either decorate the brown frame or design something new. And at $2.50 it is silly to now grab it up for a future project.

A nice century old book of french and a neat book of ABC's.

I just love these illustrations and the hand written definition below.

Postcards are a favorite and these were too neat, and over 100 years old they have a wonderful story to tell, I'm sure.

Lace and string and pretty things....

These need a good elbow rubbing and will be great to store my knick knacks in, pens, clips, or what nots. The glass tray and cup hold some neat little jewelry pieces I found as well. That will come in a later post.

Again, not a vintage find, but I bet I could make it look that way...

Then it can hold all of my swap dead lines and details. Of course, being mine, it will have to hold some neat little Parisian goodies as well.

I have never been one for napkin holders. I just don't use them. But these have little birds on them and I just know my creative soul can do something marvelous with them. Oh my, am I gaining artistic confidence?

Tweet! Tweet! Actually, I should say "Chirp, Chirp". When I was little, my sister collected horses, my brother was into space and I wanted to have something too. I picked birds, which I really started to love later in life. I am an ornithologist you know with a very long life list.

I don't know exactly how, but my dad and I started to say "chirp" to one another. We actually hold our fingers up in a "peace" sign and then pinch our fingers together. We have done it ever since. I have a photo of us doing it at my wedding. Cute thing, now my daughters do it with him. We all say "chirp" as we say goodbye. People look at us like we are so weird, with our pinching fingers and it is just a normal thing to us. It has really become more of a "thing" for my girls now, and sometimes as we part ways I have to say, "What about me?" Then I remind everyone, being the spoiled baby that I was, that it was MY sign to start with. Then we all laugh. I love this little tradition.

Chirp! (Love ya Dad)


Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Rhonda,
I love your finds!!! You know you just gave me a great idea with the bird cage. I purchased a set of two back a couple of years ago...The smaller of the two is without a tenant ...Actually I never "cage" a bird in my decorative houses..BUT...It shall become a holder for my bird tags!!!!! Yes, it will!!! I just love treasure hunting!!! Thanks for posting.

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hey girl !

Looks like you scored yet again with the finds !! ;o) Of course i LOVE the birdie items !!
A funny story with your dad and you don`t feel embarrassed still doing it today - ;o)

Chat later - Chirp !!


Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!
what an absolutely fabulous collection of treasures! I just love the metal birdhouse.. a perfect place for birdies! The book of drawings looks interesting too!
I love the tradition with your father.. such a nice way to let your daughters in on the love!

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Ok, I want to go shopping with you!!!! Great finds.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Wonderful bling you found for yourself!!