March 24, 2008

The Magical Paper Box

And now a story from Rhonda's mind...

Is that the mailman I hear? Did he bring me something grand today? What a rush I get when I hear that little truck coming up the road. Oh no, are the dogs out? Quick! Run! Get the dogs so my package will be left! Who cares if I am in my bathrobe, soaking wet, with a towel on my head. I MUST get my mail!

And husband is home today. Oh no, will the mailman leave me a ton of packages today? How will I explain this to my husband?

Trip on dogs running down stairs. Big sigh of relief, dogs r n! I hear the truck, it is next door and I am next. Peek out window ever so carefully. The mailman is kind of creepy at times. Oh my gosh, here he comes. Stop, stop, package, package. "Squeak!" Yes! He's stopping. That's right, look to your side, grab the package, package, please let it be a package. YES! BIG PACKAGE!

Hurry! Go! I need to get the package inside before husband figures out what I am doing.

Awesome! I wonder what it is? I wonder if it's, THE BOX? Mailman moves around the cul-de-sac, end of the road, patience, patience. Gone!

DAUGHTER! Come quick! I need you to get the mail for me! "But Mamma, I'm making a puppet!" Daughter, NOW, I'm in my bathrobe and I want my box! (Think in head to self... and I don't want your papa to catch me).

Aah, yes, satisfaction. Package in, stashed in "studio" and now I just need to get it opened.

I am sure that many of you understand the above thoughts from within my head. Well, I hope so anyway. I love the joy of my mail.

I had found this beautiful box on ebay, just an old paper box that I believe held chocolates at one time. Not something I would usually look for, but on one of my usual ephemera searches, it somehow found me.

Have you even found an item and just felt you had known it before, maybe in a past life if there is such a thing. I was so surprised with how big my new package was. I knew this box was large, 24 inches, which in my mind means two sheets of 12x12 paper (just how my crafty mind works) but I wasn't really "thinking" about how large it was.

As I opened my package, I gasped as I pulled it from it's wrapping. I could smell this sweet smell, though I don't have a clue what it was, not chocolate, that is for certain. As soon as my hand grabbed this box, I just felt such a rush, such an energy. I know, it sounds really loony, but it is true. I just love to hold my hands on this box.

It is enormous, it is breath taking, it is a box for goodness sake! But I actually did feel like I could cry and I still just can't stop looking at it's beauty.



I felt like I had found a long lost friend. So much detail to a paper box...

The flowers...

The beautiful house..

... and these beautiful birds, which of course are another one of my favorites next to the Eiffel tower.

Can you see how thick this embossed image is?

It says, "Made in Germany". Well, it's magical, but it doesn't actually "say" MIG, it READS MIG.

It still has it's three divided boxes inside.

3 Pounds baby!

I had to try and capture the way this beauty jumps out from the box.

At first, I put a yard stick next to it, but that is not being the lover of vintage that I am, so I pulled out this old measuring tape. I placed the adhesive to the left, because most of us crafters understand the size of this little wonder (okay, I could have used a coin) but I wanted my readers to get a real understanding of how big this box really is.

Have you ever found an item that brings you joy like this brought me? I feel so weird in telling you all this story, but I am hoping that some of you will tell me that you "get it" and I am not just a little on the loopy side. Well, I already know I am a little bit, but not that badly.

I hope that you enjoyed my silly story, my beautiful new box, and I will keep my fingers crossed that this week will bring you many happy packages in the mail, without getting caught by your husband...



Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

You are precious!!!
This is a fantastic find, you saw this on Ebay? OMG, it is beautiful, you are 100% correct...but your story is priceless.
Hmmm, what else do you have coming? I am going on Ebay right now, to find something to love. All I have coming are my Moo cards, and they wont be here for awhile.
Loved you post, and yes, I get you!
Now, put your box down and read some more of Aaron's crossing, your getting to the good parts...

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Oh, I have been done, for a couple weeks. I loved the end. So will you, show your tin....Can't wait to get one.

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hi Rhonda !

yes i`d get so excited by this box as well ! ;o) What a fab find !!
I`m soo jealous !!
men don`t understand the purchases we make - do they ?

I hope to get my cavallini bird tin you bought me soon !! Still waiting here for it !!

Chat soon !


Heidi Ann said...

Wow - I completely understand and can relate to your love of that gorgeous box! I would have wanted it myself. It's just like my calendar tops that I adore. They are so beautiful! But I've never seen a huge box like that! Wow.