March 16, 2008

My very good blogger friend Valerie, from has just opened up her new online store. Not only does she have wonderful items in her etsy shop at which was one of the first shops I ever purchased from, now she has her amazing on line shop with the most beautiful vintage items. You must check it out if you have a love of all things vintage, Victorian, and just beautiful! I must warn you though, Valerie has exquisite taste and I for one will definitely be doing some serious purchasing!

Her shop categories include:

Antique & Vintage Clothing
Antique and Vintage Jewelry
Crafting & Sewing
China, Porcelain, Ironstone,
Ephemera, Books, Prints
Vintage for the Home
Vintage Textiles and Linens
Knick Knacks
Vintage & Antique Religious
Antique/Vintage Accessories

If you read Val's blog, you will see some of the amazing places she has access to for great finds. I was just telling her that I can't find the same types of beautiful items where I live, but I am thrilled that I can now snatch up some of the goodies she finds. Take a look below at some of the items currently in her shop...

... and this is only the beginning. She just opened up last week and there is plenty more where that came from and more on the way. I hope that you will visit and I also hope that you don't purchase any of the awesome finds that I want. Go give her a visit and sign her guest book. You will be glad that you did. Great window shopping and virtual purchasing from the comfort of your own home!
Have a great day!


Tara said...


Thanks for, again, leading me to a great place!

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

I am off to look...
Are you still reading Aaron's Crossing?

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Wow! Thanks Rhonda! I was planning to put you on my website on the list of links when I get the chance. My house is a mess. I've been dragging stuff up from the basement and every nook and cranny. Photographing, ironing... Had to laugh when I saw what you purchased. I actually wondered at first "What did she buy?" Duh. I will try to get it out to you 2morrow!