January 21, 2008

Saturday Great Finds

This will be a quick post... freak'in migraine day! Saturday my mother and I went to our favorite spot with my oldest in tow. It was the first time we all went there, three generations. My daughter has been going with me lately, she is almost 6 and is fun to take along on my "me time" adventures. We must have been in the place for over three hours, and she was awesome! She also got some goodies of her own. I found some great goodies too!

European maps and pamphlets, mostly of France, and a cool radio log. It has many filled pages and some blank ones as well.

How cool! Tour book of Notre Dame and some postcards as well.

This map of France is huge!

My daughter found this one for me. It was only $1.99.

I saw the kit on the left the last time I was there. I had kicked myself for not getting it. It was fate!

A vintage piano roll, a pair of Russian nesting dolls, only two but still a great find. My grandmother loved nesting dolls and was also a big fan of Russia. Also, some unused World's Fair tickets. I thought that they would be cool for altered art. I am big into vintage tickets right now.

Need some work, but come on... these babies cost $1.00 each and then were 60% off of that.

I love how thick they are and the cool metal loop on top. I just now realized the loop is different on each one, but who cares!

I just love the design on the top of this old tin. The silhouette picture is just too neat, and the watch parts were each about $4.00 minus 70%. BINGO!

Now, who doesn't love vintage post cards. And the timing couldn't be better. I am doing two Valentine swaps and I have a vintage post card for each one. And best yet, notice the bottom card. Wait, could it be????

YES! My favorite little guys from the UK. I yelped with glee and almost gave the owner a heart attack. I yelled at my mom, "I can't wait to show this to Carolyn!"

Very dusty, kind of ugly to some, but beautiful to me. Once I clean it up, it will be precious. And can you believe it? It still works. With batteries it "tweets" when it is moved. I just love this little 50 cent jewel!

You can never have too many old glass containers!

Hope you enjoyed my new finds! Just took my migraine medicine and I am off for a nap. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes away, back to the depths of hell where it belongs!


Kerri N said...

You hit the jackpot! Love the vintage cards, tin and glass containers. Hope you feel better soon!

Sherry said...

Looks like you had some great finds!! I have some nesting dolls here -- we had billets from Russia for a hockey tournament when my youngest was 10 (6 years ago!) and the boys brought us lovely gifts.

Hope the migraine has gone by now -- my youngest gets those and I know how horrible they can be!

Kathy Maximo said...

Well look at the "Bootie". You hit the motherload. I LOVE that blue and silver container! And the tin too, good day of treasure hunting. feel better soon, I have had a headache and sinus crap going on for days too.

Carolyn said...

Haven`t you scored on the thrift buys Rhonda !
The crochet dolls are so cute , and i`m jealous about the tweeting bird cage !! wah wah !! ;o)

And of course the dear robin postcard ! email me a scan of it please !! i`ll have to go shopping with you sometime ...